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Blinds and Shutters Sydney offer residents many benefits when compared to the traditional options for window covering. Since they have a bespoke finish, shutters can be designed in a way that they fit virtually any special shape or window. Shutters Sydney offer total flexibility with the way a homeowner controls the light getting into a room. In addition, they help with sound insulation, are low maintenance, provide privacy, and can help insulate the home from the cold. Plantation shutters are a favourite window treatment choice for Sydney homeowners. They are cheaper than custom draperies, versatile and are capable of increasing a home’s value. They are the only type of window covering that can be financed into the purchase of a home. This is because they are quite desirable and often stay with the home once it is sold.

shutters sydney

Benefits of Shutters Sydney

Window Shutters Sydney are classy, low maintenance alternative covering for both windows and doors. They have several benefits over curtains and what are traditionally referred to as blinds. The use of these shutters is no longer just restricted to filtering light into a room, improving security or increasing the privacy of a home. They are also quite appealing as a design statement by interior designers as well as homeowners looking to add value and style to their homes. Plantation shutters are made of high quality wood, and come in a wide variety of designs and colors to fit virtually any internal color scheme. They can add elegance to any property, irrespective of its age.

Another benefit of plantation shutters is that they can be fitted into a window or door of any shape. This includes arched or angled windows and doors. They can even be adapted to the irregular shapes required for glass roofs and conservatories. A notable aspect of these shutters is that they don’t have to cover an entire window or door. This is because partial coverings can control entry of light and increase privacy while at the same time adding style.

shutters sydney
Plantation shutters can be categorized into two types: solid shutters and slatted/louvered shutters. These shutters are made of wood and, just like blinds, can be slatted. In fact, many people refer to them as shutter blinds or plantation blinds due to the way the slats, also called louvers, can be opened or closed in the same manner as blinds can. However, a difference occurs in that blinds are made using cheaper materials that are neither as long lasting nor do they possess the other shutters’ features.

Plantation shutters are usually fitted as part of a window, meaning that they will block more sunlight. Solid wooden shutters offer significant other benefits when compared to other window covering options. These benefits include an increased security and privacy, less maintenance, increasing a home’s value, and helping improve sleep. Such shutters can even help people suffering from certain allergies.

Plantation shutters can also be manufactured using solid wood divided into either two or three panels. This way, they can fold back into the window’s recess. They can also open out in a way that they fully cover the entire window. Such shutters offer even better security while also blocking more sunlight than the louvered blinds. An order type of these shutters can be found on country homes and period houses.

shutters sydney
As mentioned earlier, plantation shutters increase a homeowner’s curb appeal. They will add elegance, grace and beauty to a home, as well as some instant classic sophistication to any office. These shutters are a sophisticated window covering that will convert any house into a customized home. They also help in saving energy. This is because they allow the homeowner to control the amount of sunlight getting into the room and also control the airflow. This way, he or she gets to save on energy costs.

Plantation timber shutters Sydney can be customized window treatment, meaning that they can be made to the precise specifications of every one of the home’s window panels. As soon as they have been installed, they are considered as a permanent feature of the house. It is impossible to remove permanent features, even if the house is sold. This means that plantation shutters are an upgrade that can add value to the home’s sale price. They can also disguise ugly windows made of PVC.

When compared to other window coverings, plantation shutters require minimal maintenance. A quick wipe down done occasionally will keep the shutters clean. Dirt and dust does not accumulate on shutters the same way it does on blinds and fabric curtains. An accumulation of dirt and dust can make the window covering become an ideal place for dust mites. Plantation shutters are ideal for people who suffer from allergies and therefore wish to avoid dusty environments.

When it comes to protection from ultra violet rays and flexible light control, plantation shutters are the best. It is possible for shutter louvers to be angles as to control the amount of light getting into a room. This way, harmful ultraviolet rays can be redirected away so as to protect the floor and furniture. In case more light is needed in a room, the louvers can be fully reopened to allow a clear window view. The plantation shutters themselves are usually coated with an invisible ultra-violet layer that protects the wood stain or paint finish from fading. It also prevents the panel from undergoing warping.

Thermal and sound insulation is another notable benefit of plantation shutters. Once the louvers and the panel doors have been closed, the shutters offer a layer of sound insulation. The room is insulated by the timber barrier, maintaining warmth in the winter and helping minimize the heating bill. During the summer, opening the windows and keeping the panels closed helps in keeping unwanted heat at bay while at the same time allowing circulation of air.

When plantation shutters are closed, they offer privacy, protection and warmth. When opened, they induce a sense of spaciousness while at the same time providing a breathtaking view of the outside. The above plantation shutters Sydney reviews should give residents all the reasons they want to buy them for their homes.

For plantation shutters Sydney prices, simply contact us at Complete Blinds. We are always happy to help and will have a quote for you as quickly as possible.

Plantation Shutters Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Interior plantation Shutters?

These are louvred panels which are usually fixed internally over doors and windows. These shutters trace their origin in the West Indies and America before the American Civil War.

  1. Are your shutters child-friendly?

Yes. Unlike blinds, shutters don’t have any cords for children to play with. Therefore, they are perfect for nurseries and children rooms.

  1. Will my shutters require maintenance of any kind?

Well, except for the occasional dusting, our shutters shouldn’t need repainting or maintenance of any kind for many years.

  1. How do I determine the best louvre size for my new shutters?

The size of your louvres depends on the size of your windows and the level of privacy you require. Large louvre size allows more light in and offers less privacy while smaller louvre sizes allow less light and offer more privacy.

  1. My new shutters louvres are not holding their position, do I replace them?

This is a common problem even to new louvres. When this happens, find the hole with a screw on the side panel. This hole is commonly referred to as the tension screw. Once you find it tighten it gently with a screwdriver. The tension will be adjusted on your louvres and they will hold their position perfectly.

  1. Can I have my shutters customized to colours of my choice?

Yes you can, we offer a wide range with an option to customize your colors. We can match any popular paint brand or a sample provided by you.

  1. I want to make my room dark, will plantation shutters help?

Shutters are of different shades. We can help you customize your shutters to bring in less light. Normally, light color paints and large louvers help reflect light into a room while darker shades and smaller louvers limit the amount of light entering into a room.

  1. Why should you choose us when you wish to buy shutters?

Well, our shutters Sydney are of the highest quality. We understand that shutters are very important additions to your home and we pride ourselves on matching the quality shutters with our excellent customer services. We will keep you updated at every step and also we value your feedback before and after installation.

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