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Blinds Sydney

Every home has its own charm and style, and homeowners bring their own unique verve to the space they are living in. Interior design is a very personal matter, and it’s important that your home or business looks and feels like you want it to. Whether you are a young family with kids, an older couple or a single person, it’s important that you find a design that suits you. Complete Blinds have the range and expertise to help you make your living and working space perfect. What is important to you? Do you want easy access to your backyard or privacy from a busy city street? Do you have a business that needs to look professional or would you like to let as much natural light flow into your living areas as possible? Quality blinds and curtains are an excellent way to add your own unique personality to your home. Fitting blinds in style is part of what makes us the specialists in  providing and installing blinds in Sydney. In order to keep the temperature as even as possible it is very helpful to have quality blinds and curtains. Sydney has a climate which can be very hot in summer with temperatures reaching over 40 degrees and quite cold in winter, sometimes going below zero in the western suburbs. Having blinds for windows means you can hold the heat in in winter and keep it out in summer. Many Sydney families are looking for safety for their kids, whilst still aiming to make their house look stylish. For example, you may choose colourful blinds for bathrooms. They can be fun for the kids and make the room feel bright and lively. You can use blinds for sliding doors. These allow you to pull them completely out of the way so people can freely come in and out, then draw them shut for privacy and warmth at night. We even have a selection of electric blinds and other types of ultra modern blinds.

Complete Blinds Sydney Testimonial

“Thank you for doing such a great job with my living room two weeks ago. The vertical blinds were absolutely perfect! I now have ordered some shutters for the rest of my house. Your product is awesome and very inexpensive.”



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Blinds for Sale

Complete Blinds has a great range of blinds available. Read more about them below:

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are very easy to use and perfect for managing light levels in your rooms. They are also an economical option that is functional and efficient. Roller Blinds are a household décor inclusion that gives a modern, intelligent design to any room. Our Roller Blinds can be bought in both Blockout and also Light -Filtering options. Motorised options are also available. We only supply top quality roller blinds which give a beautiful design and add warmth to the interior décor of the house or office at affordable prices. Holland and roller blinds may be made from different types of fabrics.  Dark sheets can be used if you want less light to penetrate, light cloths to maximize the light from outside. For more information click Roller Blinds.

Panel Glide Blinds

If you are searching for an elegant alternative to traditional vertical blinds and curtains, check out our panel glide blind. They’re an ideal solution for covering sliding doors and large glass areas, designed to slide smoothly open and closed, with simplicity and convenience. Panel glides create a relaxed, informal look, and can make a bold fashion statement. Pick from a massive array of textiles and colours for your panel glide blinds. For more information click Panel Glide Blinds.

Timber Blinds

Timber Blinds are very durable and give excellent light control. They are just about the most popular choice in a window dressing. Their beauty and straightforward elegance convey a modern aesthetic.  Our timber blinds are guaranteed against fading, cracking and warping and are available in a variety of different timber colours. Timber Blinds provide excellent insulation qualities. They keep you cool in the summer and hold the warmth inside during winter. For more information click Timber Venetian Blinds.

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds are a flexible and modern blind that adds a classy style to nearly any home.  The blinds are soft, adding warmth and they are a good safe choice for homes with children and pets. Like drapes, they offer both privacy and insulation. As they open, these blinds gather in soft pleats and when they’re fully raised, they give a classy, pelmet-like appearance. Roman blinds are perfect if you follow a contemporary trend in the house.  You can choose from light-coloured fabrics to dark ones.  Also, Romans can be made with either “chain drive” or “cord lock”. For more information click Roman Blinds.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds offer a modern-looking blind option. They are great if you have large windows or glass sliding doors. The simple chain control allows you to open and close them quickly and easily, meaning you can let in a little, or a lot of light with minimal effort. Made of fabric slats they hang vertically from the top of your window. They can be drawn completely to the side to give you a 100% view of the outside. Complete Blinds offer a wide range of colours to match your home perfectly. For more information click Vertical Blinds.

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Complete Blinds and curtains Sydney ends your dilemma in dressing up your home.  Our huge selection of options helps you deal with ventilation and lighting while keeping the home in style. We can even deliver and install your blinds direct to your home. We offer measurement of windows and doors, and provide a free quote.

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