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Cleaning Venetian Blinds – Expert Tips To Make The Job Easier

Cleaning Venetian Blinds – expert tips to make the job easier

Venetian Blinds are found in most homes and offices – so cleaning them is a chore most people are familiar with. While Venetian Blinds look great in the home, their horizontal slats mean they can become dirtier much faster than any other blinds on the market. Don’t despair though, with a little know-how and some regular TLC Venetian blinds are a great investment and can last a lifetime.


We’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to help you clean your Venetian Blinds quickly and easily.

Cleaning Venetian Blinds: How to keep them looking great

Lightly cleaning Venetian Blinds

These methods can be done quickly and easily and are great for getting the most life out of your thorough cleans. The other ‘pro’ to light cleans is that you don’t have to remove your blinds from the window. To ensure you don’t have to clean your Venetian Blinds too regularly, we recommend you conduct light cleans regularly.


Lightly feather dust your blinds each time you vacuum your floor. Dust each slat individually to ensure you are not just moving the dust around. Old socks or white cotton gloves are great for cleaning Venetian Blinds as you can get between the slats much easier with your hands. If there are stains, marks or grease on the slats then you use a small amount of water with a touch of detergent (test the detergent on a sample slat first or check with your blind supplier to make sure it won’t damage your blinds).

Vacuum cleaning Venetian Blinds

Using the upholstery attachment supplied with your vacuum cleaner, clean each slat individually while the Venetian Blinds are still hanging from the window frame. Be careful though that the suction on your vacuum cleaner isn’t too strong.

Deep Cleaning your Venetian Blinds

If you have managed to let the dust on your Venetian Blinds settle chances are they will need a deep clean. Firstly, remove your blinds from the window and place them in your bath on top of old towels (the towels will protect your bath from scratching). Fill the bath with a mix of warm water and cleaning solution (check with your blind manufacturer on what solution is appropriate). Allow the Venetian Blinds to soak, removing more stubborn grease by hand with a cloth (make sure you do this on both sides of the slats). Drain the bath and rinse the Venetian Blinds with cool running water twice. Hang the blinds somewhere where water can drain (using an ‘s’ hooks you should be able to hang them in the shower or from your clothesline). Allow the blinds to dry, turning the slats every half-an-hour or so so that the air can circulate evenly around the slats. Make sure the blinds are completely dry before hanging them back in the window frame. Note: Wooden or faux wooden Venetian Blinds are often made from a softwood which can easily buckle if left in too much water. When cleaning Venetian Blinds of this type hang them outside and wipe with a damp cloth until each slate is clean, making sure you allow each slat to dry between each layer. If you need any advice on the types of cleaning solutions or methods that are correct for your Venetian Blinds please contact us.

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