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Luxaflex Outdoor Window Awnings

Outdoor Canopy Awning

Outdoor window awnings from Complete Blinds will add value to your home. Outdoor awnings will help keep your home cooler, reduce your air-conditioning bills, and help protect furnishings from sun damage. As well as being used over windows, these window coverings can be installed above doors, or used to shade decks or patios. During the Winter, outdoor awnings help to reduce the temperature dropping effects of cold, windy drafts of air while helping to keep the heat inside. Awnings can help reduce your electric bill year-round!

Complete Blinds have 7 styles of external window awnings with an extensive range of different styles to choose from. From automatic motorised System 2000 awnings, to spring-loaded, automatically retractable awnings.

Our outdoor awnings are made to the highest standards and use quality UV resistant materials such as sturdy canvas and clear PVC and in a wide range of colours and styles. We can help you find the perfect colour and awning solution for your home.

The awnings can be unfolded and retracted in a variety of easy-to-use ways. Our System 2000 awnings can be operated from inside your home, either manually or by motorised remote-control. The folding arm awnings are raised and lowered by way of folding arms located at the outer edges. Spring loaded awnings awnings are lowered and raised by holding the rail of the window awning / blinds and adjusting the height to your liking.

If you already have awnings / outdoor blinds installed, we offer a recovering service. Save your money and have your existing frames recovered!

Discover Our Awnings

are awnings waterproof?

Canopy Awnings

Canopy awnings are a perfect choice for anyone wanting to add sophisticated and elegant awnings to their home or business. They come in a number of shapes & styles, and can be installed in walkways, windows, doors, etc.


clear PVC awnings

Clear PVC Awnings

Use Clear PVC awnings to protect outdoor entertainment areas from the effects of wind and rain. These café-style awnings allow for customization depending on your needs.


folding arm awnings

Folding Arm Awnings

These awnings are raised and lowered using folding arms located at the outer edges. The benefit of folding arm awnings is that they do not have frames and posts, so you can move around freely under the awning.


spring loaded awnings

Spring-loaded Awnings

Also known as automatically retractable awnings, you can lower or raise Spring-loaded awnings by holding the rail of your window awning and adjusting it according to your needs.


straight drop awnings

Straight Drop Awnings

Straight drop awnings are very easy to operate. They are raised and lowered using a rope and pulley system found at the back of the awning, and are operated using a stainless cable-guide, crank control or channel-guide operation.


Experts In Awnings

System 2000 Awnings

System 2000 awnings are perfect for two-story and multi-story applications. The flexibility of these awnings allows for design consistency across all levels of a building.


recovering awnings

Re-Covering Awnings

Are your existing awnings tired, worn or torn? Rather than replacing your awnings, Complete Blinds can re-cover them with a modern and durable fabric! In most cases, we can re-cover your awnings onsite.


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Why Choose Complete Blinds for Outdoor Window Awnings?

For many years, we have been one of the leading suppliers of blinds, awnings and shutters in Sydney. Due to the scope of our business, we are able to buy in large stocks and pass affordable prices onto our esteemed customers.

Quality – We supply high-quality outdoor awnings, blinds and shutters, and we are proud of the products we offer. Our consistent goal is to enhance the livability of Sydney homes, and to offer window coverings that add value and aesthetic appeal to all homes and businesses.

Service – Customer satisfaction is central to our business. We offer a personalized and thorough service, and always consider your budget and goals.

Value – Our Company has long-term relationships with suppliers, and because of our maximum buying power, we pass savings onto our loyal customers. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of awnings without substantial cost.

Complete Blinds offer great online deals. In fact, you need look no further! We have a great range of awnings, and we are confident that you will find a design that fits your home, and your budget.

If you would like to speak with a consultant, or organise a quote, please call on 02 8824 7975 or contact us online.

We would love to help you find the very best awnings for your home!

Get a free online quote today!

Outdoor Awnings over Windows

Window awnings offer many benefits. Aside from protecting windows from damage, lowered awnings can enhance privacy. Window awnings also increase the usage of the outdoor space –offering protection from ultraviolet rays, rain and hail.  In addition, large open awnings can serve as parking shades in open areas. Proven to be tough and shock resistant, awnings are designed to be strong and can withstand storms and winds.  They can be opened at any angle – slightly open, half-open or fully opened to provide full protection from the sun.

awnings over windows

Outdoor Awnings over Doors

Awnings over doors offer protection from rain and sunlight, promoting the longevity of the door and surrounding building features.  They can also provide a protected space for waiting guests. In addition, they add a sophisticated and well-appointed feature to the home. In a business setting, they can provide an opportunity for the display of a company logo or design and can enhance the branding of the business.

Outdoor Awnings over Doors

Awnings over Patios and Verandas

Outdoor awnings can also be customized for patios and verandas.  They provide shelter from the elements and protect outdoor furniture from weather-based deterioration. Importantly, they extend the length of time within the year in which to enjoy the outdoors. You can enjoy coffee, drinks and meals with guests all year round!

Awnings over Patios and Verandas

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