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Norman Shutters Sydney

We choose only the highest quality brands for our customers, and when it comes to shutters, Norman is the name to trust. The Norman brand uses a meticulous process to achieve a stylish, durable finish on its plantation shutters. This involves multiple sequences of sanding, with progressively finer sandpaper, to open the pores of the wood. The shutter blinds are then smoothed and finely coated with several layers of high-quality stain or paint, ensuring a silky, lustrous finish. Some shutter manufacturers fall down on quality by using semi-custom, pre-painted components, to reduce delivery times. Others endeavour to make custom blinds and shutters, but use insufficient sanding or coating. Such shortcuts only lead to compromised quality. In contrast, the labour-intensive process used by Norman shutters achieves our unique translucent, deep finish. Follow the links below for the different types of Norman shutter blinds available from Complete Blinds Sydney. Have you thought about automated shutters? Read about our motorisation technology.

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Plantation Shutters Sydney

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