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Want A Minimalist Looking Home? Let’s Start With The Windows…

Our homes are meant to be our private sanctuary.  That place where we can relax, kick back and just be ourselves.  Why is it then that so often what should be our ‘chill-out space’ feels dingy and restricted?  And what should be the perfect place to unwind and shake off the stress of the outside world, becomes a place where we feel frustrated and restless?
Let’s be practical: we live in our homes so a certain amount of ‘stuff’ is necessary.  However, we also know that our homes are where we like to experiment, try out different styles and generally discover ourselves.  And that’s why they become so cluttered: old bits of this and that; artworks, furniture pieces and ornaments from abandoned styles; clothes that we don’t wear, but are too sentimental to part with; books, magazines, catalogues… so the list goes on!

To have a clear mind, you need a clear space.  And the minimalistic decorating style suits that down to the ground.  We’ve heard it said before that the windows are the smile of the house.  And, believe us, it’s true!  Clear, unobstructed and clean windows are key to creating that minimalistic style in your home.  So where better to start your home’s makeover?

Blinds in Living Room

Where to start?

By removing those heavy drapes and lace sheers, you’ll be amazed at how much more light, airy and even bigger your space feels.  Now for a good scrub to remove any dust (and spider webs) and you’ll be surprised at the increased amount of light pouring into the room!  If you live on an acreage, or your home is set well back off the road you may wish to leave at least some of your windows without treatments.  But for those of us who live in close proximity to neighbours or close to the street, we need our privacy and this simply isn’t an option.

What about privacy?

Thankfully there are several products out there on the market that are perfect for windows that need privacy, but not fuss.  Luxaflex Luminette Privacy Sheers are a perfect example.  As the name suggests, they’re perfect for giving you that seclusion and privacy you need, yet, even when to , they allow maximum light to filter into the room.  Their sleek and modern profile is beautiful yet unobtrusive.  Available in a wide range of neutral colours, there’s a tone to suit any palette.
Block Out Blinds

Why not integrate your blinds?

When looking for something minimal, simple and practical, the traditional roller blind never fails to impress!  But nowadays, that ‘old roller’ has been taken up a notch – dual roller blinds mean that you can have the luxury of all-day privacy as well as enjoying your home’s beautiful views! And motorised operation takes all the hard work out of adjusting the position of your blinds too – with the touch of a button you can control your shades effortlessly.   Alternatively, you can integrate your blinds into your home automation system, from where they can be controlled by your smart device.

Blinds are the perfect finishing touch to a minimalist decorating style.  Call the team at Complete Blinds today on 02 8824 7975 and discuss what you need for your home – we’ve got solutions!

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