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Creating A Stylish Area Without Compromising On Function.

Style; fashion; functionality; practicality…  Our wide range of superior blinds ticks all the boxes.

Whether in the domestic or commercial setting, you want your living or working space to be both stunning and stylish.  But it also needs to be functional.  And, rest assured, there are plenty of types of blinds that are just that – they add genuine beauty and charm to your living space, but are intensely practical.

The purpose of blinds in your home or office goes way beyond their mere aesthetic appearance.  Blinds are also essential for temperature control, privacy and weather protection.

Types of Blinds

Avoid the elements in style

Outdoor awnings or blinds will transform your outdoor area into a stylish, sunlit utopia for entertaining.  Custom made PVC blinds can be designed and fitted to any area, allowing you to enjoy the views of your garden, without having to put up with the wind, rain or sun’s glare! However, when the weather is cooler and you need the sun’s rays to soak in and warm your space, simply roll them up out of the way!  Easy-to-use zip or channel guides make raising and lowering the blinds so easy!  So, why not live it up with functionality and style at it’s best?!

Insulation and energy efficiency

While we all love windows (especially big ones), they can be both friend and foe when it comes to insulating your home from the elements outside!  That’s why it’s so important to install the right types of blinds to help maintain an even temperature inside your home.

Luxaflex Duette Shades, are the most energy efficient window covering available on the Australian market.  Their unique honeycomb structure provides superior protection against both heat and cold while adding a soft, stylish and modern look to any area.

Types of Blinds - Stylish Blinds

Maximum privacy

With urban areas continually expanding, many of us live in suburbs where the houses are close together and close to the street.  And, perforce, we come up with a common problem: rooms that require blinds for privacy sake!  But how can we achieve maximum privacy without blocking out all that beautiful natural light?  Luminette privacy sheers are the perfect solution!  Unobtrusive, sleek and modern, they allow maximum light into any space, yet provide adequate privacy for those inside.  The perfect answer for the bathroom, bedroom or street-facing windows!  Of course, they are available in a wide range of soft neutral tones to compliment any colour palette and style of home.
There are so many options available –  different types of blinds for every situation. The team at Complete Blinds have been supplying and installing blinds for Sydney-siders for over 13 years now, so we understand what it takes to create a stylish and comfortable feel in any space, without compromising on function.  Our showroom offers a huge range of styles and fabrics for you to choose from, and our friendly sales staff can share their experience and advice to help you find the ultimate window treatment solution for your home.  Call us today on (02) 8824 7975 and let’s get started!

Complete Blinds

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