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Wide contemporary living space with modern furniture designs, featuring Luxaflex Panel Glide Blinds cover several large window panes, diffusing natural light into the room.

Panel Glide Blinds: A Buyer’s Guide

In this Panel Glide Blinds Guide, we will uncover the simplicity and modern elegance of Panel Glide Blinds. With their large panels and easy operation, they offer a fresh update to traditional window coverings. Learn more about why Panel Glide Blinds are a favourite choice for modern homes.

Panel Glide Blinds: A Buyers Guide

Panel Glide Blinds effortlessly merge with any interior style, from classic to contemporary, thanks to their sleek, wide panels. Versatile and chic, they’re a top choice for any home, regardless of its location or architectural era. Offering a modern twist on Vertical Blinds, they deliver a streamlined appearance with ample functionality, perfect for both small and large windows. Crafted from fabric, they offer a vast array of options to suit your space. When selecting Panel Glide Blinds, consider factors like location and desired light filtration to tailor them to your needs.

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Control Type

Panel Glide Blinds offer versatility in control options, including hand cords or wand operations, adaptable to various configurations. Ensure child safety with a suitable blind and verify the presence of a safety device, especially for blinds intended for children’s rooms.


Modern dining area with dark wooden walls and tables, featuring Luxaflex Panel Glide Blinds covering large window panes, block out natural sun light. Made in Australia.

Panel Stack

When open, Panel Glide Blinds stack to the centre or side (left or right) of your window. You will need to choose where you would like your Panel Glide Blinds to stack before you make your purchase.

Modern contemporary living space featuring Luxaflex Panel Glide Blinds as room dividers. Available for sale in our Sydney showroom.
Living room interior


Before making your purchase, ensure you have correctly measured your windows, twice, to be confident you’ve made no mistakes. Your manufacturer will not be responsible for blinds that don’t fit windows because of errors in measurements.


Before purchasing your Panel Glide Blinds choose which type of bracket you will hang your blinds from. Two kinds of brackets include the top fix and the face fix bracket. A face fix bracket allows an individual to fix their panel glide blind to the face of a window, wall or door frame. A top fix bracket, on the other hand, places a panel glide blind at the top of a ceiling, recess or reveal.

If you would like any more advice on purchasing Panel Glide Blinds feel free to contact us today.

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