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Venetian Blinds or Roller Blinds?

What is the best choice for you? Venetian Blinds or Roller Blinds? Both look great, both are versatile, and both are affordable options for every room in your home.


Its the question many Australian homeowners are asking when they’re trying to find the right blinds for their home. Here’s what we think..

Venetian Blinds or Roller Blinds: Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds and Roller Blinds are some of the most popular types of blinds on the Australian market today. Both offer great aesthetics and come in a range of different material and colours. The decision between the two really only comes down to the function of the windows in your home or personal preference.

There are several things that people should take into consideration when choosing the blinds that are most appropriate for their home. Venetian Blinds feature horizontal slats that sit across the width of the window. They are usually made of wood or aluminium  (fabric varieties are also available). Venetian Blinds are easy to control with a cord that moves the slats to allow light into the room. The blind can also be pulled up or released down to give complete privacy. Venetian Blinds are a practical and stylish and come in a range of different finishes. They are incredibly versatile and can be hung on nearly any window, including skylights and bay windows. The horizontal feature that so many love about vertical blinds can be tricky to clean. They will require regular wiping with a sponge or cloth as they are fast dust collectors.

Venetian Blinds or Roller Blinds: Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are available in a wide range of colours and fabrics. They give a softer finish to a room than Venetian Blinds which are quite rigid. Depending on the fabric chosen, Roller Blinds can completely block out light and sound or allow natural light to softly illuminate a room. If you carefully consider the function of the room you require blinds for, we will be able to help you choose the right one. The following comparables are important considerations when answering the question “Venetian Blinds or Roller Blinds?”

Light Control

If you are looking for maximum room darkening, a thick fabric Roller Blind will be the best choice. Venetian Blinds are a much better choice if you are wanting variable control over how much light you allow into a room.


In addition to function, people should also consider privacy. Roller blinds can bring be closed fully, allowing 100% privacy. For this to be the case, however, you will need artificial lighting. A Venetian Blind, on the other hand, can have slats that are angled in order to effectively control privacy while still allowing light in, during the day. If you are stuck on Roller Blinds, a double roller blind or bottom-up Roller Blind arrangement will allow you to better control light and privacy with layers of fabric.

Confused you even more? If you are still struggling with the question of whether Venetians Blind or Roller Blinds will be better in your home, contact us. We’ll help you find something practical for your home.

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