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How To Choose The Best Colour Blinds For Your White Walls

How To Choose The Best Colour Blinds For Your White Walls

What colour blinds go with white walls? White walls are a super popular choice, and they have so much potential, that it can be almost overwhelming! White walls are like a blank canvas: the only limit to what you can achieve is the extent of your imagination!

So, let’s take a look at some of our favourite colour combinations for window treatments in white rooms:

Contrasting Colour

Window treatments are an excellent way to give focus to any space. By installing contrasting coloured blinds, you can naturally draw the eye to the window. For example, adding a pop of red or blue against a plain white wall will create an undeniable ‘wow’ factor that is guaranteed to impress! Black, grey, pink or yellow are all great choices when you want to create an impressive focal point.

Wooden blinds such as timber venetians are another great way to create natural colour contrast and charm. Venetians are well suited to both traditional and contemporary design styles, and they’re extremely practical too.

Subtle Contrasts

Colour contrast doesn’t have to be excessive to be effective: subtle contrasts can be just as impressive. Pastel shades, light grey, or neutral shades such as champagne, oyster or wheat can create visual interest without being overpowering.

White On White

Is it ok to have white blinds with white walls? Of course! White on white is very popular, especially in homes with a contemporary or modern interior design style. Picking the right shade of white can be a challenge (who would think there would be so many shades of white?!) however, the team at Complete Blinds can help you choose one that complements your home to a tee.
What colour blinds go with white walls

Contrast In Texture

Contrasting textures are a very effective way of creating visual interest. Are you worried that your white blinds on white walls might look a bit boring? Why not take them to the next level by choosing a linen-look or metallic fabric? The level of opacity you choose will also create texture – translucent fabrics provide privacy without blocking out all the sunlight.

Patterned Fabric

Blinds made from patterned fabrics are another gorgeous way to add a feature to white walls. There’s a fabric to suit every design style, palette, and budget!


What style of blind is best for white walls? Again, the choice is yours – there’s no rights or wrongs when it comes to window treatments. Roller blinds, roman blinds, venetians or verticals… they’re all beautiful and practical options that are well suited to the demands of everyday living.

Still debating what style or what colour blinds will go with the white walls in your home? The team at Complete Blinds can help you out. Call us today on (02) 8824 7975 and chat with one of our staff.

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