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Should blinds match wall colour? If you are redecorating or establishing a new home this is something you may have asked yourself recently. We completely understand that you want to get it absolutely right before you jump into an investment in paint or the new blinds themselves. So, we’ve come up with a few answers for you.

The short answer is no. Your blinds don’t need to match your wall colour. There are a couple of things you may want to think about before you dive right in, however.

The first is your personal style – Do you love contemporary, modern, transitional or classic styling? Knowing your personal style will impact on the colour and style of blinds you choose.

The second is – What type of blinds do you have your heart set on? If you’ve had your eye on those wooden or natural fibre styles you may be limited to the natural tones of these types of blinds. If you’re more a fabric or metal blind person you’re definitely going to have more options.

Here are some guidelines with ideas to get you started.

Option 1. Match to Your Window Trim or Moulding

This can be a failsafe strategy many of us fall back on. But it can also reflect your style! It’s a classic look. Blinds that match the window cause the windows to fade into the background so the focal point to your room will automatically be somewhere other than the windows. This look won’t be going out of style anytime soon so it could be just what you are looking for.

NB: White isn’t just white… All colours have a cooler or warmer undertone to them. Getting samples of the colour you’ve chosen and holding them up to your walls (in different lighting of course) is the best way to see if you’ve got a match.

Blinds that match your trim fade into the background.

Blinds that match the wall colour give a modern feel.

Option 2. Match Your Wall Colour

Strategy number two can be to match with your wall colour. You might have wonderful moody walls and the window blinds in a fabric that perfectly match give a seamless look to a room. Another option is to stay in the same colour family but go a few shades lighter to reduce any ‘heaviness’ to the blind. Make sure you know the name of the paint for your wall colour, it’ll be so much easier to find a blind colour that matches.

Option 3. Match to Flooring or Other Fixtures

Picture this: You’ve just had your kitchen and living room renovated and the cabinets or flooring you’ve chosen are absolutely gorgeous. To tie the room together and follow the theme of your new spaces, you could choose to carry on the colours you made permanent fixtures in your home.

Another choice could be to match your blinds to other accessories in your home. A common theme can be to match blinds with cushions, books, accent chairs and even a favourite rug. If you are feeling particularly adventurous don’t match the colours exactly but stay within the same colour family and try some other shades.

You can even match your blinds to the cabinetry.

These blinds give a pop of colour in a neutral room.

Option 4. Choose a Contrasting Colour

A pop of colour in your window blinds could be exactly what a neutral room needs to bring the design together. Choosing something bold brings a modern feel to any space.

If you have a more classic style keeping things more monochromatic could be the way to go. A beautiful dark shutter in an all-white or neutral space can create high contrast. Exactly what a classic styler needs.

So, there you have it… Four options for your window blinds to be all you want them to be. You can also find more information on our blinds page.  If you’re still unsure about what is going to work the very best for your home, give us a call or come by and visit. We’d love to chat.

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