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3 Steps To Keeping Your Timber Shutters Clean Over Spring

Sometimes it seems that ‘spring cleaning’ is more than just a cliché.  There really is something about the fresh air, the sun’s warmth and the new explosion of life outdoors that gets right into your being… next thing you know, you’re reaching for that scrubbing brush or dusting cloth. Resign yourself: you’ve officially caught the Spring-Cleaning Fever!

First things first: those timber shutters need cleaning.  Rest assured, the fact that they’ve collected a certain amount of dust and dirt is no reflection on your cleaning standards!  If yours are external shutters, they are exposed to the elements and airborne grit, as well as insect mess and bird droppings.  Even internal shutters get dirty: wood fires and ducted heating systems are both responsible for a certain amount of dust, so spring is the perfect time to freshen them up.   After all, with summer coming on you want to be able to throw them open and enjoy the beautiful weather without feeling guilty that they could use a clean…

Before you rush into cleaning your shutters, remember that timber is an organic product and harsh chemicals, and/or aggressive scrubbing could do irreparable damage and totally ruin their natural beauty.  Timber needs to be treated with respect, however, there are ways and means to clean your shutters and maintain their functionality and style.

3 Steps To Keeping Your Timber Shutters Clean Over Spring

Here are our three steps to beautifully clean shutters this spring:

1.   Vacuum

Your regular home vacuum cleaner fitted with a brush attachment is your best friend when it comes to cleaning your timber shutters.  Use the vacuum cleaner to remove as much dust and grit as possible, remembering to rotate the blades and clean both sides.

2.   Dusting Cloth

Use a soft dusting cloth to wipe each blade and remove any dust and dirt that the vacuum cleaner has missed.  If your shutters are in a room that is often humid (e.g.: bathroom, laundry or pool area) the dust have stuck to the blades a little, so a gentle rub with a dusting cloth may help to lift it.

3.   Damp Cloth

For stubborn marks or insect spots, you may need to use a damp cloth.  Gently scrub the marks, preferably using just warm water.  Mild dish soap and warm water solution may be applied if necessary.  Do not:

  • use chemicals or harsh cleaners
  • use abrasive cleaning equipment
  • soak the shutters

After the dirt and grime has been removed, dry each shutter blade using a soft, dry cloth.

Cleaning your shutters requires a little patience and some elbow grease, but it’s hugely rewarding! There’s nothing more satisfying than clean windows and window treatments, so roll up your sleeves and get to work!  At Complete Blinds we love helping our customers get the best out of their shutters, so for more cleaning tips, call us today on (02) 8824 7975.

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