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4 Benefits Of Installing Automatic Blinds And Shutters

There’s no doubt about it: installing new blinds and shutters is exciting!  But installing new automatic blinds or shutters is very exciting!  As technology advances and our lives seem to get busier and more complicated, the world of automatic blinds is reaching new heights and allowing us to enjoy a level of convenience and luxury that our grandparents wouldn’t have dreamed possible.  Smart homes are no longer the ‘talk of the future’: they’re here!

Home automation is not just for the rich or the lucky.  Popular demand for safer, more economical and more user-friendly homes has brought this level of convenience and comfort within the reach of thousands of home-owners across our country.  Energy efficiency and time-saving systems are becoming increasingly attractive as our lives evolve to embrace technology and modern living.

However, many homeowners still find themselves unsure about the benefits of installing automated window treatments, especially if they are building/renovating on a budget.

Automatic Blinds

Read below to discover how automatic blinds and shutters can help cut your household overheads as well as saving you a few extra minutes each day:

Energy Efficiency

Let’s put it out there: energy bills are one of the biggest household budget items.  And ideas on how to boost energy efficiency and save a humble dollar or two are always welcome! Automatic blinds and shutters are a quick and convenient way to help block the sun’s rays during the heat of summer and maximize nature’s gift of warmth during the winter.  With the simple touch of a button or screen, you can raise or lower your shades to help maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home.


Many smart home systems include window treatment controls, and this is undeniably the ultimate inconvenience.  From a central screen (often a smartphone) your blinds and shutters can be controlled from anywhere at any time: open the curtains in the living area before you get out of bed; close them from where you are sitting in your friend’s home across the other side of town… is such luxury even possible?!  Yes!
Automatic Blinds


Safety is something we can’t be too careful about.  And installing automated blinds does away with those dangling cords that are so tempting to little fingers.  This is especially important if yours is a home with infants, or if you are renovating a rental property: safety is your responsibility.

On another score, smart blinds and shutters are the perfect way to protect your home when you’re away: you can raise and lower them appropriately to make it appear from the outside that someone’s at home!


How much time do you spend opening and shutting the blinds each day?  Because it’s just part of the daily routine, we don’t often stop to think about it… until we install automatic blinds!  The push of a button or screen will do the trick for you and, hey presto! you can move onto your next job.

The list of benefits goes on…

To find out more, contact the team at Complete Blinds on (02) 8824 7975.

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