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Are Awnings A Thing Of The Past?

With recent advances in materials and design, awnings are a thing of beauty and practicality and making a rapid comeback. There are many types of awnings: stationery or retractable, or somewhere in-between. They’re made from a wide range of materials depending on your needs and may be constructed from fiberglass, metal, pvc or canvas. Allow me to explain the key differences between different types of awnings and how each one can benefit you and add value to your home.

Why You Should Consider Installing Awnings

The first thing you’ll notice about an awning is its charming visual appeal. A properly designed and fitted awning will add beauty to any architectural landscape. If you’ve got an old canvas number in your head from the 1950s forget that. The types of awnings used today are elegant and stylish.

The second and more practical reason to install awnings is to provide sun and weather protection. They provide the homeowner with additional protection from UV rays, rain, hail, snow and in certain configurations, wind. By reducing summertime glare from passing through your window this will in turn save you money on your energy bills. And with the price of electricity skyrocketing, that’s reason enough to consider them.

types of awnings

Awnings Come in Various Types

Awnings are very diverse and come in a multitude of different shapes and styles. So, let’s take a quick trip down awning avenue so you can understand which type is right for your situation.

Canopy Awnings
These are the classic style of awning that most people think of. They are either fixed or retractable and provide a very stylish and cosmopolitan look to your home. They are a very durable and low maintenance style of awning.

Clear PVC Awnings
As is obvious by the name, these are made from clear PVC and are suitable for entertaining areas that may require wind protection. They can be manually operated or motorized.

Folding Arm Awnings
These are characterized by their folding arms meaning that they are clear of posts and frames. The folding arms also mean they can be moved out of the way entirely if needed.

Spring Loaded Awnings
Also called automatically-retracted awnings, these are super easy to operate and are you can adjust the amount of shade they are providing just by moving the rail of the window awning to your desired level.

Straight Drop Awnings
Another easy to operate awning, straight drop awnings are lowered and raised by a simple rope and pulley system. They’re a popular choice for shading verandahs and balconies, with various guide options available.

System 2000 Awnings
Australian designed, these are the Rolls Royce of awnings. They are available in just about any configuration you can imagine and can even be operated by motorized remote control.

This is just a brief outline of how different types of awnings can improve and add value to your home but our complete range of awnings can be viewed here.

To discover their additional benefits, and speak to a friendly team member call Complete Blinds, the Sydney blind and awning experts on 02 8824 7975, or contact us via our online form.

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