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Retractable Awnings FAQ’s

As retractable Awnings become increasingly popular, here are a few Retractable Awnings FAQ’s that may help you choose whether or not this fantastic window covering is right for your home.

Retractable Awnings FAQ’s

What is a retractable awning?

A Retractable Awning is a shading system that is self-supporting and can provide shade as you please. It relies on spring loaded arms to extend the awning and apply tension to keep the awning fabric taut when open.

Do Retractable Awnings save on cooling costs?

Retractable Awnings can substantially save you on air conditioning costs and lower room temperature by up to 15 – 20 degrees. This is one of the reasons they are so popular.

How long do awnings last?

Because Retractable awnings can retract, you are able to better protect them from the elements when they are not in use. With proper care, you can expect a minimum lifetime of ten years.

What happens when I am not using my awning?

Retractable awnings are easily self stored when they are not in use. In the retracted position, it is protected from damage that adverse weather can cause.

What maintenance do awnings require? 

Retractable Awnings are very low maintenance. You may need to wipe them down with a damp sponge occasionally to prevent dirt build-up but other than that, simply retract them when not in use to keep them protected.

What kind of wind loads can retractable awnings handle?

Retractable awnings are primarily for sun protection and should not be left out in very windy conditions or when the area the product is covering is not being used. This is because wind is an unpredictable force, and can quickly change direction and intensity. Think about it like this-  if you are comfortable sitting outdoors dining or reading the paper, then it is probably safe to extend your awning.

How long will the fabrics last? Can awnings be recovered?

Today’s lightweight, 100% acrylic woven fabrics are designed to provide the homeowner with years of solar protection against rot, mildew and excessive fading. Your awning should last for around 15 years. A warranty covers them for 10.

What does an average sized retractable awning cost?

Due to Retractable Awnings being custom made, a quote for awnings cannot be produced unless one of our staff has tailored it to your specific requirements. You can call us today for a free measure and quote on your awnings.

For more information on Retractable Awnings FAQ’s call us today. We hope these Retractable Awnings FAQ’s have helped.

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