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How the Right Awning Can Help Control Home Temperature

For many people, the concept of in-home temperature regulations is generally associated with air-conditioning. Or perhaps with appliances that promote airflow, such as the humble fan. There are quite a few other means of controlling the temperature in your home. However, many of which do not require an increase in the electricity bill. One way to keep your house cool during the summer months are shade awnings. Shade awnings allow you to regulate temperature by controlling the amount of shade that comes in through your windows.

Let’s take a look at some of the different options for shade awnings and how they can help keep your house cool in the heat.

Retractable Awnings:

shade awningsThese types of awnings are commonly seen over patios and outdoor spaces. Retractable awnings are often attached to the side of the house. They can be folded up or down, often via a motorised system. Not only will these awnings bring shade to your outdoor living space by providing a cool area to lounge in during the summer. They also work to cover the windows and side of the home. Preventing heat buildup from the sun, and keeping your house nice and cool.

Window Awnings:

These are shade awnings designed specifically to cover the windows of your home. They are usually not meant to bring shade to an outdoor space, so much as regulate the amount of sun that comes in through a specific window. These types of awnings come in several different styles. There are the straight drop awnings, which are very similar to shades. However, they go on the outside of the window, and are often motor controlled. Then there are window awnings such as the award-winning System 2000s, which have an adjustable angle and can be controlled from the inside of the home. No matter which style you choose to go with, these awnings all work in a similar way: by allowing you to control the amount of sunlight your windows allow in.


These are more traditional types of awnings that generally go over a front door or business storefront. These are highly decorative, but also work to keep the sun off your doors, windows, and siding. Assisting in regulating temperature in very similar way to the other awnings we’ve looked at.

For those looking to save money on keeping their homes a comfortable temperature in the summer heat. Or if you’re wanting something stylish and functional for said purpose, shade awnings are something that is definitely worth looking into. With so many different styles, colour, and available features, there’s no reason why you can’t find an awning that you love. And that will keep your home lavishly cooled throughout the hottest of summer days!

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