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Cover image of modern home with swimming pool featuring patio installed with Folding Arm Awnings by Luxaflex. Available at Complete Blinds Sydney.

Love the Sunshine but Can’t Stand the Heat?

Why not invest in an awning over your windows?

awning over your windowsThe summer sun is one of those things many of us look forward to. After the cold, dark days of winter, the summer sun is a welcome sight. It brings with it warmth, longer days and fun times. It also brings with it sweltering heat, that even the a/c can’t always tune out. What do you do if you love the sunshine, but can’t stand the heat? You get awnings over your windows, which block out the intense mid-day sun, but still let in all the light you’ve waited all winter for.

How do you pick the perfect awning though? Which one will work best for your home and your needs? Just how do you decide?

First, you need to decide which type works best for you and your home.

·      Permanent fixture

Are you looking for one that is fixed in place? These ones are permanently installed on the side of your home and are a benefit if your area experiences lots of winds. This is where an experienced installer’s like Complete Blinds becomes vital, to ensure that the awning over your windows are suitable for your home.

·      Portable Awnings

Another option is portable ones that can be removed when you don’t need
them, or moved from place to place as the sun moves over the course of the day.

·      Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings are another wonderful option. They are the most popular and common awnings over your windows. These ones are permanently attached, but they can be rolled up or put away to prevent damage from wind, or bad weather.

·      Motorised Awnings

Motorised awnings are another popular choice of awnings. Often, they can be set up so that you can open or close them from inside your home, unlike retractable ones where you have to pull them in or out yourself.

Once you’ve decided which type would work best for you or your home, you need to decide which material works best. Obviously, some materials like metal are better suited for stationary situations, as they can be heavy and difficult to move. Typically, most awnings are made of canvas, as it is a light-weight material that will stand up to weather, as well as being light enough to remove and move as would be the case in the portable awnings.

The easiest way to make this decision, is to get some assistance from a professional like Complete Blinds. With their years of expertise, and their wide selection, you can walk away knowing that you’ve made the right choice, in the perfect price range for your needs, the weather it needs to stand up to and your home.

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