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awnings over doors

Our Famous Canvas Awnings

Canvas Awnings

Awnings are secondary coverings that are attached to the exterior of a wall in buildings. They were designed to be used on windows, doors and sidewalks for shading. Awnings date as far back as the ancient Syrian and Egyptian civilizations. Initially, they were made of linen shade cloths attached to timber frames with ropes. With time, however, the face of the awnings has changed. The fabric of choice has also changed with time to be able to withstand the different environmental conditions.

Canvas Awnings

Most of the fabric used to make awnings is the canvas woven of acrylic, cotton and polyester yard. These awnings, however, are not the best as they are prone to leakages in times of rain. Vinyl laminated polyester textile has the look and feel of woven canvas. They have the advantage of being fire resistant, waterproof, heat sealable and dimensionally stable- which means that they are not prone to sagging, pocketing, leaking, stretching or shrinkage.

Canvas awnings are important for protecting the interior furnishings of the house as well as the drapes from fading and damaging from the sun’s rays when used on the windows. It also blocks direct sunlight and serves to enhance the exterior look of the home. Canvas awnings on the door protect the door from the damaging UV rays and the rains, as well as the interior carpets from fading. Since the awning does not trap heat or moisture and it provides a substantial amount of shade, it helps control the internal temperatures of the house and hence lowers the costs of air conditioning significantly. They help retain the elements of a natural design.

Canvas awnings are also useful for covering sidewalk cafes and outdoor seating areas to protect people and furniture from unpleasant weather conditions. The advantage of using canvas material for awnings is a reduced cost, superior protection from the sun and reduced energy costs.

Complete Blinds and Awnings is a company that has dealt with window coverings since 1989. It has a wide variety of products ranging from window shutters to adjustable fabric awnings to drapes and blinds and other accessories. It offers only the best products and have a very professional staff that help the customer in reference to products available and also in fixing the items bought. Canvas awnings are best with qualities of resistance to scratches, stain and mildew resistance, resistance to fire and being waterproof. Being fade resistant is also a desirable quality.

The best awnings should be easy to clean to be able to maintain them easily. The framework of the awning should preferably be rustproof with a smooth finishing to complement the window and give it a distinguished style.

While decorating the house, it is important to put all the factors into consideration however minor they may be, from the colour of the blinds to the colour and choice of metal for the frames, as well as trying to blend the awnings with the rest of décor in the house.

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