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Choosing Plantation Shutter Colours

Enhance your home’s aesthetics with Plantation Shutters, a versatile window covering customizable to match your unique design. In this article, we will show you some of our Plantation Shutter Colours so you can grasp a glimpse of how they fit into different spaces. Coloured Plantation Shutters offer a modern touch, elevating your space without the need for extensive renovations, and contributing to your home’s comfort and value.

Choosing Plantation Shutters Colours

While many window treatments limit you to standard colours, Plantation Shutters stands out by providing an extensive range of nearly unlimited colour options. Unlike other window coverings, Plantation Shutters can be custom painted, allowing you the flexibility to choose the colours that best suit your style and preferences.

Plantation shutter colours

Brightly coloured shutters on the outside of a home are fairly common, although a homeowner with a unique style may choose to add colour to their indoor window treatments as well.

Bright white shutters are classic and elegant, but in certain spaces, you may find pure white shutters to look glaringly bright.

Dark coloured Plantation Shutters add an air of sophistication to any space and other alternate colours can bring a lot of pizazz to your place. They can also absorb sunlight more than white.

Here are a few of the most popular Plantation Shutter colours (other than white) that we have available…

Dark grey Plantation Shutters in a bed room with an antique drawer. Modern and contemporary aesthetic. Shutters available at Complete Blinds Sydney. Plantation Shutter Colours.

Black Plantation Shutters

Black Plantation Shutters make a bold statement and are ideal for spaces where you prefer a darker ambience, such as basements, TV rooms, and “man caves.” When paired with the right wall colour or contrasting elements, they can also work well in bedrooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms, providing both privacy and an elegant finish. Incorporating black and white décor further enhances their impactful and stylish appearance.

Wood Stained Plantation Shutters

Following white, one of our most popular Plantation Shutter finishes is likely the wood grain option. You have the flexibility to select a stain from a diverse spectrum of tree woods, ranging from light golden pine to rich red tones and deep chocolatey stains. These finishes often impart a natural feel, making them well-suited for cabins and cosy rooms, while brighter wood finishes like yellow wood can evoke a sunny, youthful atmosphere, making them ideal for cheerful kitchens and kids’ rooms.

Luxaflex Wood Blinds in a greyish blue themed living space with green plants as accents.

Fog green Plantation Shutters in a modern and contemporary living room. Product available at Complete Blinds showroom. Plantation Shutter Colours.

Earth Toned Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters adorned in earth tones like solid browns, greens, and blues can transform any space into an indoor oasis, imparting a playful and breezy ambience to your windows. This creative use of colours lessens the need for additional wall décor, as the windows themselves become an artful focal point. Opting for blue Plantation Shutters offers a bold choice that effortlessly enhances the aesthetic of nearly any setting. If you’re uncertain about committing to a particular vibrant colour, consider installing colourful shutters on a small bay of windows first to assess before extending them elsewhere.

How Custom Plantation Shutters Work

Plantation Shutters offer a special advantage – they can be custom-painted. This is because they are attached in shallow boxes, called “frames,” directly to the window casing. The frame not only gives a place for the shutter panels but also visually connects the shutters with the window trim. It’s important to plan if you want custom-coloured shutters; if you’re changing the trim colour, it’s best to paint it before installing the shutters. Changing the shutter colour after installation can be complicated and expensive.

Benefits of coloured Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are some of the most versatile window coverings available. With a huge range of colours available, they can be customised to suit just about any space. In addition to their design benefits, Plantation Shutters are less expensive to purchase and install than many custom drapes and can even increase the value of your home. Upgrading your windows with new blinds can often be financed into the purchase of a new home.

A moden and eclectic maroon-themed bathroom featuring plantation shutters available at Complete Blinds Sydney. Plantation Shutter Colours.

Making the most out of different Plantation Shutter colours

When deciding on a shutter style for your home, it’s crucial to ensure it harmonises with the overall house style. If your home boasts a more traditional decor, opt for simple white Plantation Shutters as they may be the ideal choice. On the other hand, for modern homes, you have greater flexibility with colours, allowing you to confidently select something different and “out of the box.” Ultimately, when choosing unconventional Plantation Shutters, the most important thing is to express your personal style. If you’d like a more versatile option, check out our latest article on mixing Shutters With Curtains.

To learn more about our range of custom Plantation Shutter colours, get in touch with the team at Complete Blinds! We offer free in-home consultations so you can take a look at our Plantation Shutters in your own home.

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