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Rusted/oxidised window shutters. Our guide on how to remove oxidation from window shutters. Wooden Shutters Treatment and Re-staining.

Remove Oxidation from Shutters: How To Get Rid Of That Chalky Residue

Have you observed discolouration or a chalky residue on your shutters? This is oxidation, a common occurrence caused by sun exposure on unprotected shutters. It affects various materials, and if not addressed promptly, it can deteriorate the shutter surface over time. Ensure timely removal to prevent further damage.

Remove Oxidation From Shutters

Removing oxidation from shutters is thankfully a pretty easy DIY task

This is a simple DIY task—no need to hire professionals! Complete the process by applying a coat of wax, restoring the shine to your shutters and providing protection against future oxidation. If you have a few hours to spare this weekend, here’s what you can do:

Step 1: Fill a bucket with warm water and add some detergent. Thoroughly wash the shutters with a sponge to remove all dirt and grime.

Step 2: Rinse the shutters thoroughly with clean water and dry them using an old towel. The shutters must be completely dry before you begin step 3.

Step 3:  To remove oxidation from shutters apply a rubbing compound directly to the oxidised areas and lightly rub it in, using circular motions, until the surface is smooth to the touch. Be careful not to rub off the paint when completing this step.

Step 4: Rinse the shutters thoroughly with clean water and dry with a towel. The material must be completely dry before you apply any other products to it.

Step 5: To save you from ever having to remove oxidation from shutters again, apply a boat wax or polish to the shutters and leave them to dry. Then, using a clean rag, buff the wax into the shutters. While the wax should protect the shutters from building oxidation on them again, make sure you regularly check them. If oxidation begins to eat into the shutters they will need to be replaced.

If your shutters are too damaged and you are looking to replace them reach out to us to get a personalised fitting for your space. Also, if you’re considering getting new blinds installed for your home, check out our recent guide on The Easiet Blinds To Clean & Maintain.

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