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Modern cozy blue themed bedroom featuring Luxflex Sheer Curtains with Duette Shadings. Shutters with curtains combination.

Shutters With Curtains: Think Outside The Box To Achieve A Great Look!

The idea of pairing Shutters with Curtains may not be the first choice for many homeowners when it comes to window treatments. The process of selecting the right window coverings alone can be a daunting task. However, this combination of window treatments offers a unique blend of visual appeal and practicality. It allows you to strike a balance between control over natural light and privacy. Moreover, experimenting with different window coverings can be a cost-effective way to give your decor a seasonal update without committing to a complete overhaul.

Shutters With Curtains

Curtains provide a versatile choice for those who love experimenting with patterns and frequently updating their home decor. With a plethora of fabric options, curtains offer endless design possibilities. However, when it comes to functionality, especially in rooms with abundant sunlight, curtains may fall short. Unlike shutters, curtains lack the insulation benefits of lining the window, which permits light and heat to filter through.

Earth tone with blue themed bedroom featuring large window installed with Luxaflex Curtains with Shutters.

By incorporating shutters alongside curtains, you strike a balance between light control and insulation. This combination not only elevates the room’s aesthetics but also allows for convenient adjustment of incoming light to suit your preferences.


Will this combination look great in my home?

The synergy between shutters and curtains, especially in coastal areas, allows homeowners to enjoy both functionality and aesthetics. While shutters serve the purpose of controlling light and protecting your furnishings, curtains enhance the overall ambience and make your home a comfortable retreat. This trend has been on the rise, particularly in coastal regions. Such a combination can be attributed to the unique benefits each element offers.

Organic earth-toned aesthetic bedroom featuring large window covered with Luxaflex Shutters with Curtains. Available at Complete Blinds showroom.

Shutters, being an integral part of this combination, are appreciated for their practicality. They serve as an effective shield against excessive sunlight and salt exposure, which are common challenges in coastal environments. By doing so, shutters help protect your furniture and maintain its longevity, reducing the effects of fading and deterioration.


Close-up of dark brown Luxaflex Duette Shades in combination with Luxaflex Sheer Curtains.

On the other hand, curtains play a pivotal role in adding warmth and comfort to your living space. They contribute to creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere within your home. Their fabric and soft texture can soften the overall decor and make the environment feel more homely.


Shutters are not only easy to install and maintain but also provide privacy and controlled natural light. Pairing plantation shutters with curtains enhances privacy and light management while creating a pleasing visual contrast. If concerned about room height, hanging curtains close to the ceiling gives the illusion of added height. Mixing Shutters With Curtains offers a modern design choice. Contact us for more ideas and information about our Shutters and Curtains range.

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