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Shutters With Curtains: Think Outside The Box To Achieve A Great Look!

Shutters With Curtains: Think Outside The Box To Achieve A Great Look!

Shutters With Curtains is an option that many homeowners don’t think of when choosing window coverings. We don’t blame them, it can be hard enough to choose a suitable window covering without considering two! Still, choosing multiple window coverings allows you to create ample aesthetics with ample function. As well as this, mixing window coverings can also be affordable and a great method to allow you to seasonally change your décor.

Shutters With Curtains

If you are someone who loves patterns or regularly changes the decor of your home curtains are a great option as they can be easily changed and can be made from almost any fabric. However, curtains usually fail to achieve their function, particularly if they’re hung in a difficult room that experiences a lot of sun. While curtains visually cover a window, they don’t line the window, and therefore allow light and heat to enter the room (not very effective insulators unlike Shutters). Opting for a mix of window coverings like Shutters with Curtains achieves light control and insulation (Shutters) with Décor (Curtains). Shutters WIth curtains create a tailored and super chic decor and allow you to easily control the amount of light that filters into your room.

Why will Shutters With Curtains look great in my home?

The look that Shutters With Curtains creates is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in Coastal areas. This is mainly because the shutters are functional, protecting the furniture from overexposure to light and salt, while the curtains add that cosy, homely look to the décor. The beauty of Shutters is that they are easy to install, control and keep clean. They also offer complete privacy while still letting in the light. Mixing plantation shutters with curtains allows you to further control this privacy and light allowance. Aesthetically, the contrast of a horizontal shutter with a vertical curtain works harmoniously in both style and function. If you are worried about horizontal plantation shutters making your room appear shorter, adding curtains will provide visual height. (If you hang the rod as close to the cornice or ceiling as possible, well above the shutters, you will give the illusion of height in the room). So why not be bold in your design tastes and mix Shutters With Curtains to create a modern look. For more ideas or information on our range of Shutters and Curtains, contact us.

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