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Which Blinds Are Best For Bedrooms?

Create Elegant Texture And Polished Style With Custom-Made Blinds

When you really want to make a statement, there’s nothing like a custom-made blind. Elegant, stylish and right on-trend, custom blinds are a sure-fire way to add your own individual style and design flair to any space!

So, when there are loads of standard options available in the regular department stores, what are the advantages of opting for custom-made window treatments?

Suit Yourself!

It’s important that your new blinds are exactly what you want. After all, they’re a long-term investment so you need to really love what you purchase. With custom-made blinds, you can make the choice: style, fabric, level of opacity – it’s all in your hands! With years of experience and a stack of expertise, the team at Complete Blinds can help you every step of the way and assist with those ‘hard-to-make’ decisions.

Perfect Fit

Odd-shaped windows? High windows? Pool areas or glass doors? It’s important that your window treatments are right the first time around, and a custom-made product is guaranteed to be just that. One of our team will visit your property to take accurate measurements, ensuring that your blinds are a perfect fit.

Stylish Custom-Made Blinds

When Quality Counts

When it comes to blinds, you can’t afford to skimp on quality. Custom-made window furnishings have an undeniable feel and look that you just don’t get with ‘off-the-shelf’ options! Fabric design and texture, style, quality fixings and 101 other small details all add up to create beautiful, long-lasting blinds that will be a delight to use and look at for years to come.

A Team To Help

Let’s face it: your blinds aren’t just for good looks; they need to be highly functional and practical too! They will be used every day, so it’s important to have someone to fall back on if you have questions or concerns. At Complete Blinds, our service department can help you achieve the window treatments you’ve always dreamed of!


For your home to be safe, your window treatments must be manufactured and installed according to the product safety laws.

NOTE: If you are installing blinds in a rental property, you can be held liable if your blinds and curtains are not safe.

A custom-made product that’s installed by a skilled and professional team gives you that peace of mind you need. No dangling cords or chains and all safety features properly installed.

Call Complete Blinds today on (02) 8824 7975 and let’s get your project underway! We are committed to providing you with quality products that are a pleasure to look at and to use.

Complete Blinds

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