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Our Ultimate Guide To What’s Trending In 2020 Window Designs!

If new window treatments are on your to-do list, let’s get them happening! In the world of blinds, 2019 saw some interesting ideas turn into realities. This year is set to be even better! So, let’s take a moment to look at what’s trending in window treatment designs for 2020.

Built to Last

In many areas of home decor there’s been a distinct shift towards furnishings that are built to last. Whether it’s blinds, cabinetry, furniture or light fittings, many people are embracing (or rather reverting to) custom-made items that are solid, highly functional and well-made.

Plantation Shutters tick all the boxes on this score. They’re stylish, elegant, practical and built to stand the test of time. Shutters add undeniable charm to any window while providing excellent thermal properties and light control. Because they’re made to order, they’re an excellent option for odd-shaped windows. Another feature (and this one is really important to the busy housekeeper), they’re super easy to maintain! A gentle vacuum and a quick wipe over every now and again will keep your shutters looking as good as new.

2020 Window Designs - Plantation Shutters

Custom Designs

Windows are a hugely important feature in any room. If you’re wanting a house that’s decorated in your unique style, an off-the-shelf window treatment simply won’t cut the mustard.

Opting for a custom-made blind allows you to achieve the exact look, feel and style you want for your windows. Today’s range of fabrics is huge, with every conceivable pattern, colour and level of opacity you could ask for. The team at Complete Blinds can help you choose a material and blind style that will speak ‘you’ to anyone who enters the room!

Whether your taste is modern or traditional, there are some blinds that just never go out of date. Why? Because they present the perfect balance of simplicity, style and functionality.

2020 Window Designs - Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds will remain a popular go-to for many homeowners in 2020. They can be purchased in a huge range of fabric textures and colours, so they’re guaranteed to complement any decorating style or colour palette.

Venetian Blinds are another classic that are certain to remain popular. Their slimline design means they take up minimal space, while the rotating vain structure allows for ultimate privacy and light control. They’re super easy to install, maintain and operate, which make Venetian blinds a top pick in 2020.

2020 Window Designs - Venetian Blinds

2020 Window Designs - Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor Blinds

Electricity savings are always in fashion, and 2020 is set to be another big year when it comes to thermal efficiency. Whether you want to let the sun in or block it out, many Australians are installing outdoor blinds and awnings to protect their windows against the elements.

At Complete Blinds we offer only the best: high quality outdoor awnings and blinds made from strong canvas and clear PVC. From initial consultation through to final installation and ongoing maintenance, we have your exterior window protection covered.

For more information on window treatment trends for 2020, call the team at Complete Blinds today on (02) 8824 7975 or jump to our contact form and shoot us a question or two! Our team can help you achieve blinds that are as functional as they are fashionable.

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