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Luxaflex Silhouette ShadesSilhouette Shades with Signature S-Vanes combines elegance with functional design to bring subtle drama to any room Transforming harsh sunlight light into gentle, diffused glow, this unique shading offers limitless design options and many possibilities.

There are no cords or tapes to obstruct your view to the outside and they are available in a diverse range of colours and textures. Even with the vanes open you get UV Protection, while enhancing natural daylight and reducing the need for lights.

Advanced fabric technology maintains the shape of the S-Vane for years to come.

Distinctive Design

Our focus on quality, innovation and design excellence stems from our original Silhouette Shades invention. Cleverly engineered, Luxaflex Silhouette Shades feature soft S-shaped vanes between two sheer fabric panels for an elegant appearance of floating vanes. The unique S-shaped fabric vanes bounce incoming light up onto the ceiling and naturally brightens the room.

Well engineered for a clear view through.

Eliminate Moiré Effect

We designed the weave on the front and rear sheer facings to avoid moiré effect at the window. Moiré is a visual strobing effect that occurs when an open fabric weave is placed in front of another similar weave, obstructing the view through and potentially causing headaches or migraines. Many knock off products are known to do this. Don’t settle for anything less than the original and the best.

Softly filters sunlight.

Transforms Harsh Sunlight

The sheers softly filter light protecting flooring and furnishings from harsh UV rays. Simply tilt the vanes to achieve your desired level of light. Open the vanes for light diffusion and daytime privacy whilst maintaining a view through your window. Adjust the vanes for greater light deflection and privacy. Close the vanes for complete privacy and UV protection.

White sheer fabric backing reflects sunlight.

Energy Efficient

Featuring white sheer fabric backing for superior solar reflection, reducing heat gain and providing a consistent neutral home exterior appearance.

Vane Size

Choose from three vane size options 50mm, 65mm and 75mm. Each vane size offers its own aesthetic appeal from understated and classic to bold and dramatic.

See more information in the Digital Brochure.

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