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Quality Blinds And Shutters Are An Investment!

Blinds aren’t usually the first thing we notice when we’re considering buying a home.  They’re often considered as expensive window dressing (pardon the pun).  But part of a properly matched set of high-quality blinds and shutters lies in their inability to draw attention.  By blending in seamlessly to a room it shows that they have been carefully chosen.  Like any home investment, this well thought out choice will provide long-term value and increase your home’s appreciation.

Add Value With Shutters

Rooms that see a lot of traffic make them the most high profile rooms both in style and presentation.  Choosing a high-quality shutter such as Plantation or Woodbury shutters to have a significant visual impact as they are seen as furniture for your windows and a quality investment for your home.

As shutters are a permanent structure, they enhance the décor of your home.  Shutters are more durable than blinds and curtains and provide a crisp, clean appearance which completely changes the look of your home.  They are a proven way of significantly increasing the value of your home.

Most window coverings are temporary and while homeowners may leave them behind, they are quite often moved along to the new residence.  Shutters can be custom designed to perfectly match the window and improve the design of the home.  Adding quality blinds and shutters is a surefire way to attract potential buyers.

Blinds and Shades

Quality Blinds and ShuttersBlinds and shades are a bit more diverse in their appearance and can range from basic to total extravagance.  Some homeowners choose to cover their windows with timber or aluminium blinds.  While they can look simple, they can get incredibly complex and modern with even motorized operation options available to you.

Insulating window treatments are excellent selling points.  Light filtering blinds are excellent insulators and also reduce heat and cold energy loss through the windows.  They allow light to filter in instead of the heat from the sun, and in winter help to trap heat inside the house.

Another popular option is to use roller blinds.  Roller blinds present a streamlined elegance and sophistication; and with the extensive range of fabrics available, they are able to complement any décor.

If you’re seeking a completely contemporary look, you may also want to consider Duo blinds.  These blinds not only allow you to control the level of privacy you have, but they also make it easy to control the amount of light entering the room as well.

With So Many Options Available, Which Choice Is The Right One?

When your goal is to increase the value of your home with high-quality blinds and shutters, it pays to talk to an expert.  Complete Blinds have decades of experience serving Sydney with the highest level of craftsmanship and they’re happy to help you too!  View our entire selection of quality blinds, shutters and awnings or contact us for more information.

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