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Choosing Modern Blinds To Match Your Décor, Let Us Help!

Blinds can be used to enhance or even completely change the look of a room when you don’t want to undertake major renovations.  Modern blinds come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s an easy task to match them to any particular décor or style.  Whether you choose venetian blinds or rollers blinds will depend on your specific needs.  Complete Blinds can help make the decision easy but it’s a good idea to consider the following information before you visit their showroom.

Your New Blinds Purpose

modern blinds The purpose of your blinds is governed by which room they are installed in.  If you’re putting blinds into your bathroom, privacy is your key concern.  While this is also important in the bedroom, you’ll also want to consider how much light you let into the room.  Do you want natural light filtering into the room as the sun rises or do you prefer a blackout style blind for complete darkness?  If you’re installing blinds into the kitchen, lounge room or dining room, you may prefer a more lightweight fabric that is suitable for filtering a varying amount of light rather than blocking it out completely.

Style Of Blind

Once you’ve determined what function your new blinds will perform, it’s time to consider the different styles available.Timber venetian blinds will give your room a simple yet stylish look, yet may not be suitable for bathrooms or where there is a lot of water present.  If you love the look of timber venetian blinds there are also timber look blinds available which can open up your options considerably.

If you want blinds that will open up your window completely you may want to consider roman blinds.  These are raised and lowered by a system of cords and the blind concertinas perfectly into folded sections across the top of the window.  These are available from Complete Blinds in 3 fabric options, translucent, block out and sunscreen, so it pays to discuss your needs with them before you lay down some cash.

View our range of modern blinds and styles on our blinds page.

Of course, there are additional options available to you such as privacy sheers, duette shades, timber and aluminium venetian blinds, vertical blinds and a whole host of others.

Blind Colour

This is possibly the most difficult part of choosing modern blinds and where most people go wrong. When you are choosing blinds to match your décor, it’s best to follow the existing colour and style of your interior. If you are going for a minimalistic look then choose your blinds to match the colour of your wall for a seamless transition.  However, in a more contemporary home that features bold colours, you can make an equally bold statement by matching the blinds to that colour. Neutral coloured blinds will make your room appear larger while blinds that contrast with your existing room will make the space appear cosier.

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