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Are blinds better than curtains? Six points to compare and decide.

We’ve come across this question quite a lot over the years. The quickest answer to this question is another question… “What do you need from your window coverings?”

There are significant benefits to both styles of window dressings and in this article, we’re going to outline both pros and cons to help you be better informed when deciding what your home really needs.


Not every room needs the same window treatments. Of course, when you’re considering the front of the house you may want to stick with the same look for uniformity on the outside – this doesn’t mean the inside needs to be all same, same, same. Quite the opposite to that, you may find that changing up the window treatments room to room gives you the perfect feel you want for that specific room AND it may even be more practical for the function of that room.

Room Size

Consider the size of the room before you decide on a window treatment. Ceiling to floor curtains may be perfect in a great room, living room or dining room but the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room may benefit from something slightly smaller. A blind perhaps?

Light, Acoustics or Privacy Control Required

This is where you may want to consider going with a double dressing option. A combination of both a blind AND curtains will give you the best light and sound blocking options for bedrooms or media rooms.

If you only need to block the view of your neighbours, sheer curtains may be a better option and keep the room feeling light and airy.

It all comes down to what you need to achieve.

Curtains in a large room can help the room feel cozier.

A blind in a small room can help the room feel more put together.


Curtains tend to have a traditional feel to them – but that may also depend on the fabric and colours you choose. Natural linens in shades of soft grey or a muted pastel can bring a contemporary look to the room.

If you are wanting the minimalist, modern look then going for a roman or roller blind that sits completely within the window casing may be more your style.


Many of us are looking for options to better insulate our windows or indeed our homes to contribute to the use of less energy for heating and cooling. The best option, in this case, is again to have a double dressing on your windows. Cellular blinds and curtains are the best-known options to reduce heat and cold transfer through your glass.

If you combine the two you can increase the R rating of your windows significantly. (This rating is how heat and cold loss is measured.)

Size and Type of Window

Huge, ceiling to floor windows or doors will need different consideration to a small bathroom window in a powder room. Whether you’re building a new home, renovating your current home, or working with what’s already there be sure to think long and hard about the actual window, it’s function, and whether the way you want the room to function for the people using the space works with that window treatment.

Sheer curtains for filtering light and bringing a floating feel into a space with large doors may only work if you have the floor space inside to allow for them to float freely away from furniture and walkways. Blinds may work better if you need privacy from neighbours in the evening hours when lights are on inside.

An example of two different choices working together.

Smaller rooms such as the powder room may be an easier choice with blinds fitting within the window helping to keep things clean and contained.

The function of the room and what you need the window treatments to do will continue to impact your choices.

Furniture Placement

Consider your furniture. If you have your beds underneath your windows, for example, using a blind may be your best option. Perhaps you have a window seat or built-in bookshelves or kitchen cabinets underneath your windows. These are all cases where blinds may be a better option than a curtain. However, doubling up your design and adding curtains on either side of the bedhead can bring a softness to your room which will be worth the further investment.

As we mentioned when we started, how you dress your windows is completely up to you, your style and how you function in your home. At Complete Blinds, we can help you to make the best choice for you. Give us a call to find out more.

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