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How to Make the Best out of Duette Shades in Every Room of the House

Many of us are looking for a clean, consistent, easy look in every room of the house. One of the most versatile shades for this is the Duette Shade.

Duette shades come in a wide variety of colours, textures and fabrics making them a great choice for the entire house. You can choose all one colour or mix and match to make the most of your personal style.

Duette Shades

Living Spaces

Duette shades can be customised to suit almost any window. You can have fixed shades in odd-shaped windows and pair them with movable Duette Shades on other adjoined windows.

Duettes can also be moveable from top to bottom or bottom to top. This allows you more versatility when it comes to privacy and light.

One of the functions of a Duette Shade is something called daylighting. These shades can cut down the glare of sunlight during the day while still drawing good light into your rooms. You won’t need your lights on during the day and you’ll save on your energy bill.

Duette Shades for Living Spaces

Duette Blinds | Blockout Blinds

Blackout Spaces

These are the spaces in your home that require complete blackout possibilities. This may include your bedrooms or a media room.

Duette shades have been designed with a signature headrail that ensures minimal light gaps when you pair it with a blockout fabric. This combination gives you the most control possible when it comes to light and privacy.

Complete Convenience

Duette Shades can even be installed with a complete operating system. They can be modified from being completely manual operation all the way to totally automated. Because these shades are cord-free, they are completely safe for installation in homes with children.

A fully automated system could be the perfect addition to a home that is multi-generational allowing for everyone in the home to have access to the outdoors even when mobility is limited.

Automated Duette Shades

Duette Shades Sliding Doors

Doors Inclusive

Duette Shades are not only for your windows! They can also be used on sliding doors and for privacy shades on door side panels.

There are so many applications for Duette Shades in your home. As they come in a wide range of colour choices and fabrics you can customise to suit every area of your home. You will gain not only beautiful blinds but enjoy the energy efficiency and sound absorption that comes with Duettes.

Complete Blinds

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