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How to Close in an Outdoor Area for Maximum Temperature Control

Being outside is great for your emotional well-being and health, but sometimes the weather outside isn’t exactly the greatest and you still need and want the benefits of being outdoors. This is where having a closed in outdoor area is a perfect solution, it gives you the ability to control and maximise your comfort level, while still being able to enjoy being outside. Clear PVC awnings are a great way to close in an outdoor space, without compromising on your outside views.

Utilise awnings

PVC: When most people think of awnings they think of a great way to provide shade, and this can be true. There are other awnings, like clear PVC awnings that provide you with shelter from the elements, while still allowing you to enjoy the warmth of the sun! This can be a great way to keep yourself and family comfortable, on rainy days, or cooler days, while still being able to enjoy the sun’s warmth.

Straight Drop Awnings: Another way to utilise awnings that you may not think of right away is with the vertical awnings, commonly known as straight drop awnings. They can help provide a windbreak, or just give you some privacy outside. Having them installed on multiple sides allows you to pick and choose which ones to utilise in different weather and different times of the day to ensure that you can make your outdoor space as comfortable as possible. Just like with the overhead awnings, you can also utilise vertical clear PVC awnings to give you protection from wind or other elements, while still allowing you to enjoy the sunshine.

Other suggestions

Clear PVC Awnings - FireplaceAdding a fireplace, firepit or space heaters can also help to ensure that even on cooler days and nights you are able to enjoy your outdoor space in comfort and warmth. Just the right touch of warmth out of the wind and drafts, protected by awnings and pergolas can create a comfortable space you can enjoy outdoors.

Having the right type of furniture can help maximise comfort as well. If the sun is shining and the temperature is high, laying or sitting on a fabric that holds the heat will make you even hotter. Choosing colours and materials that are light and breathable will make it a much more comfortable experience for yourself and guests.

No matter how you best decide to enclose your outdoor area, Complete Blinds has the best selection of awnings and window coverings to meet your needs. Let our team of trained experts help you create an outdoor space you and your friends and family can enjoy, no matter the season or weather. Stop by our store today.

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