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Plantation Shutters

Sydney Plantation Shutters

Modern Sydney Plantation Shutters for Both Privacy and Style

Plantation shutters were used externally in the past in place of windows and doors before the use of glass was incorporated in the design of a home. Nowadays, they still serve the purpose of covering windows in a stylish manner from the inside. Complete Blinds, an Australian born company, is at the forefront in trying to maintain this rich history by designing and selling affordable and classy plantation shutters for modern homes. If you are looking for Sydney plantation shutters for your home, then you have come to the right place.

There are a number of designs to choose from, which may cause a bit of confusion when deciding which one to go for. Basically, a plantation shutter should be able to cover your windows and still allow some lighting through into the room. In essence, when you have a plantation shutter you will not have to keep drawing them often to cover your windows like when you have curtains. The only choice you might have to make is which one will serve both the need for privacy and lighting at the same time. Starting with class and design, you have a choice of between wood, plastic or processed materials such as Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) core. Wood plantation shutters such as Normandy and Western Red Cedar are great if you want to add the nature theme in your home. They last longer because they do not warp or lose their colour, but using them in humid areas such as kitchen windows and bathroom doors is not recommended. Plastic and MDF shutters, such as Woodlore and Woodbury are perfect for humid areas. They also come in different colours which can be great when matching them with the surrounding furniture.

Affordability is another thing that makes Complete Blinds the best choice for plantation shutters in Sydney. Just contact one of the designers to come and take measurements of the area where you want to put your plantation shutters and they will even advise you on which one would suit best. You can even take advantage of the on-going offer of free installation. This will greatly reduce the overall cost and you will end up with a stylish cover for your windows. You can also opt to fill out the quote form, detailing all the information you require us to know and we will get back to you within 24 hours. This is a great chance that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Plantation shutters can be used in almost every area of your home, and not just over windows. If you have a pool area that is adjacent to neighbours you can use large shutters to provide cover and privacy. You can even use them to divide a large room into sections like the dining area and kitchen if that is what you prefer. It is all about creating a comfortable place to live in, and still provide cover against the scorching rays of the sun. You may also opt for a motorized operation shutter that makes it easier for you to cover or open them whenever you like.

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