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Plantation Shutters for Windows

Plantation Shutters For Windows: The Right Choice For Your Windows

Plantation shutters for windows are a low maintenance, stylish, alternative covering for windows, with important benefits over curtains and blinds or stutter blinds. Plantation shutters are no longer used just to improve security, increase the privacy in a house or filter sunlight out of or into a home; these high-value window shutters are now in demand as design statements by people looking to add value and style to their properties and even by interior designers.

Benefits of shutters

Made of high-quality material, plantation shutters for windows are fitted internally; they’re available in various colours as well as designs to fit almost all internal colour schemes. They add elegance to your property, no matter its age. An added benefit of plantation shutters is that they can be installed to any shaped window including angled, arched or round windows and can also be adapted to the interesting shapes required for glass and conservatories roofs. However, they do not even have to cover the entire window – partial coverings can improve light and privacy while adding elegance. Window shutters provide many benefits over customary window furnishing alternatives. They provide complete flexibility, with how homeowners control the light, help with sound insulation, insulate their homes from cold and offer privacy.

Different styles of shutters

Generally, there are 3 types of shutters: solid, café style and plantation. Most individuals go for plantation shutters, which have louvers or slats that rotate open & closed to control light levels. Solid shutters are perfect for people who want to have a more traditional appearance and are made to be closed during the night and folded back during the day. Café shutters are common in cafes and restaurants, hence café style shutters. They only cover the bottom side of the window.

Cleaning the shutters

Here are a few tips for how to clean plantation shutters for windows efficiently and quickly. Take a vacuum to it weekly – Vacuuming your shutters makes it easy to maintain them. The vacuum picks up most dust and debris, making dirt less likely to build-up and attach. Deep clean every 2 weeks – Take twenty to thirty minutes every 2 weeks to thoroughly dust the shutters. Use a lint-free cloth, feather duster, swiffer duster or microfiber cloth. Spot clean with a damp cloth – Sometimes the duster does not have enough power to clean the grime. Due to this, you should spot clean with a brush dampened with little water. Distilled water is perfect as it will not leave any spot. For tougher mess – Use a little detergent. Avoid abrasive or harsh chemical on the plantation shutters. Always mix the detergent with water before applying it to the plantation shutters for windows.

Enhancing the home

When closed, plantation shutters for windows provide privacy, protection and warmth. When opened, they give a sense of spaciousness while offering access to even the most stunning views, with a magical capability to direct ambient light into a house, showing the features homeowners most want illustrated. Plantation shutters for windows truly are the stylish option to add to design, warmth and security to any property.

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