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Best Plantation Shutters: Complete Blinds Sydney

Best Plantation Shutters

A shutter is a covering on a window consisting of a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails at the top centre and bottom. Within the frame could be louvers, solid-panels, fabric, glass or any material that can be well-mounted on the frame. Apart from providing privacy, they have various other uses like controlling the amount of light that gets into a room, security, protect against weather and also improve the beauty of a room. Plantation shutters differ from the traditional shutters in that the louvers are wider and that they are put in the inside of the building hence you can be opened or closed to control the amount of air and light that gets into a room. Plantation shutters differ from blinds in that the material used in plantation shutters offer insulation hence controlling the temperatures in a room while blinds don’t do this.

Best Plantation Shutters

Advantages of plantation shutters

1. They give homeowners an almost absolute control of their privacy and airflow in their homes.

2. They are easy to maintain as an occasional wiping with a damp cloth is all it needs to keep it looking new.

3. They are durable as can last for years.

4. They add beauty to a room in a number of ways.

5. They are practical all year round through all the seasons. During summer they let in air while protecting from the scorching sun while during winter they act as a great insulator to keep in the warmth.

6. They and value to the property and can therefore be a great investment. With the growing increase in the use of plantation shutters, a lot of companies are producing these shutters. It is therefore important to select the best plantation shutters that suit your needs.

When buying a shutter you should consider

1. Base shutter material: The material used could include both wood and synthetic. You should learn the advantage and disadvantage of using either. Wood may need recoating over the years while synthetic wouldn’t. Synthetic materials could also sag.

2. Finish used on the shutter: Finishes applied include clear finish, oil, paint, powder and for some materials, nom finishing is done. Most wood products will need recoating later.

3. Number of panels per opening: There are several combinations and openings. They include

• Bi-folding, this is where two panels are connected and hinged to the opening on one side. They can be folded and opened as a unit.

• Hinged, this is where panels will be single unit hinged to the opening.

• Fixed panels, this is not recommended as you will not be able to move the panel at all.

4. Tilt mechanism: These are the options that allow the tilting of the louvers. It includes Rod attached, semi-concealed tilt rod, fully concealed tilt rod. Choose the one that best fits your style.

When selecting also ensures that it is within your price range as the fancier it is the more expensive it could be. The best plantation shutters don’t necessarily have to be expensive as even the cheaper well-made ones do the job just as well.

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