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Consult The Professionals: Optimal Blinds Selection for Bedrooms?

[aseo-include]Deciding on the perfect blinds for every room of your home can be challenging when aiming for a cohesive design flow. You may be undecided on which blinds are ideal for your bedroom, considering what works for the kitchen may not fit other spaces. So, what is the best type of blinds for bedrooms? Delve into expert advice to inform your decision-making, taking into account various factors.[/aseo-include]

A few questions you might be asking:

  • Do I want complete privacy or is the view more important?
  • Do I want light during the day? How much light?
  • Do I want a complete blackout at night? Or during the day?
  • Will the blinds get dirty easily?
  • Is insulation important in the climate where I live?

Window Solutions

Which blinds are best for bedrooms - Block Out Blinds

Block out Blinds

It’s mentioned in the name. These blinds will completely block any light from filtering into your bedroom. They operate the same as regular roller blinds. But they have a cassette at the top of the window and side channels to block maximum light.

Duette Blinds

[aseo-include]You may have already heard of cellular or honeycomb blinds? Duette blinds utilise this technology to the maximum.

The fabric goes the full width of the window leaving very little space for light invasion into your bedroom. If insulation is a big requirement for your room these will be the best blinds possible.

One amazing feature for the Duette blinds is the Top-down feature. If you choose to you can have blinds that open from the top down. This easily allows you complete privacy and the light you need to start a new day.[/aseo-include]

Which blinds are best for bedrooms - Duette Blinds

a view of a patio with wooden blinds

Roman Blinds

This is also a fantastic option if you get them lined with block out fabric. Roman blinds give you a wide range of fabric options to suit any style of home or décor.

Vertical Blinds

[aseo-include]Blinds with block-out fabric are broadly utilized for multiple purposes, including limiting light penetration during nighttime. The installation of such blinds allows for some light filtering through and around the edges, enhancing visibility for night visits from children or safe navigation to the restroom by your partner.[/aseo-include]

Which blinds are best for bedrooms - Vertical Blinds

Wooden Venetians - White

Privacy Venetians

[aseo-include]The diversity of Horizontal Venetian blinds transcends its use, extending to the manufacturing materials which can be metal, plastic, or wood. The distinguishing factor between the standard Venetian blinds and the Privacy style lies in the cord positions. The latter style, lacking holes in the slates, achieves a snugger fit when closed. Your home styling and decor influence your material choice.[/aseo-include]

Your bedroom is your sanctuary within your home. Making the right choice for your window covering could make or break the feel you want to create. At Complete Blinds, we are here to make that choice an easy one. If you’re struggling to know which blinds are best for bedrooms or any other room in the house, give us a call and our friendly team will be happy to assist.

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