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Sydney Blinds: Selecting Colours

An important consideration when choosing your curtain or blinds’ colours  is the complementary effect it can give to  your home’s existing wall colour, interior design, decorations, furniture and  upholstery. To put it simply, complementary colours are colours that look great together.

If you want to set a new mood while carrying out a re-decorating project, you should also have an idea what colour represents what mood, what colour best allows or blocks sunlight, or what gives the most privacy. As you read along, you will learn about the properties of colours and some concepts on colour combinations.

Choosing colour depending on desired mood

For spaces where you want to see activity or life, opt for warm colours or flower-patterned window coverings. Warm colours such as red, yellow and orange ‘warm’ up or give a room a cosy feel because it mimics daylight or sun’s warmth. Particularly, orange triggers excitement, while red leaves a strong first impression and increases energy of those who see it. Use them on play rooms, living rooms, kitchen or dining areas. For spaces where you want to feel relaxed like the master suite or bedrooms, choose cool colours such as shades of greens, blues, and purples. In particular, blue or green gives the most tranquil feeling, while purple diffuses elegance or sophistication. Cool colours are also known to produce the feel of open space.

Choosing Sydney blinds colour depending on pre-existing design scheme

If you want to incorporate window treatments into existing design scheme, use a single neutral colour or one with plain or minimal patterns. Neutral colours suit well with any colour scheme. They easily blend into the background, creating a calm and open space feel.  These colours are different shades of blacks, whites, greys, beige or cream. Create visual harmony by choosing a cover with different shade but of the same colour as your furnishings and decors.  If your room has wooden furniture, a wooden Venetian blind is your best option. If your room has many appliances or silverware such your kitchen, opt for silver-coloured aluminium Venetian blinds.

Purchasing your Sydney Blinds

If you are a homeowner in Sydney, blinds and other window treatments are available in many home depots. You can visit the website of famous sellers to get additional guidance about purchasing the best window treatment for your home. Visit Complete Blinds Sydney, a leading designer, manufacturer and retailer of Sydney blinds, shutters and awnings.

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