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Timber Blinds: Venetian Blinds, Still The Best

Timber Blinds add character and warmth to your home. There is nothing better than the natural touch of style that Timber Venetian Blinds, giving your room a beautiful, natural look. Furthermore, there is a timeless beauty about Timber Venetian Blinds that means once you’ve purchased them, they’ll look fabulous in your home for years to come!

Timber Blinds: Venetian Blinds – Where should they go?

Timber Blinds are ideal for both formal and casual living spaces and come in a range of attractive finishes. We’re a big fan of the Timber Venetian Blinds as they look fantastic in nearly any space. The timber finish softens the space while the horizontal slats give the space structure and add a modern feel. Timber Blinds come in a huge range of finishes from light white wash to dark chocolate finishes. Complete Blinds can help you find the perfect timber blind colour for your space! Simply bring in a photo of your roof or the colour palette that you are planning on using and our friendly staff will help you find the perfect blind solution.

Timber Blinds: Venetian Blinds – Why Are They So Great?

Besides being timelessly stylish, Timber blinds, and in particular Timber Venetian Blinds have many great qualities that make them so valuable! Their rigid structure makes them easy hang and then maintain. Simply measure the inside of your window frame and they will hang using the recess method. Timber Blinds are easily cleaned using a damp sponge and a towel. Wipe down dust when necessary and your Timber Blinds will look like new for years to come! Possibly the most popular quality of a Timber Venetian Blind is their cleverly concealed operating mechanism that lets you control the amount and angle of sunlight entering the room, as well as giving you complete control over your level of privacy. These qualities ensure that you won’t be sorry that you bought Timber Blinds!

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