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Restoration of Vertical Blinds

Restoration of Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are designed to function vertically. They traverse from side to side and rotate to either close or open. They should also look as attractive as they did when they were new. When new, the pvc or fabric vanes are usually clean and shiny. All the components function optimally and they are able to offer all the benefits and serve the purpose they were designed for. For a vertical blind to function at its full capacity, it has to be well installed.


If your vertical blinds do not have the above features, they might have undergone tear and wear. It is a common occurrence in the life of all products but the occurrence can be delayed if the right measures are taken into consideration when buying the product. Higher quality vertical blinds are easier to maintain or repair unlike average quality blinds which may have sub-standard hidden components that an average consumer would not notice. As a consumer, prolong the lifespan of your blinds by making the right original purchase.

As a consumer, inquire about the wash ability of the fabric in case you are buying a fabric vane fabricated vertical blind. High quality vanes are easy to maintain and clean since they are washable. Please note that fabric vanes are not usually washable with a machine. When cleaning them, one spot cleans with mild detergents by use of hands. The cleaned area is then dried by dabbing it with a clean dry rag. In case of any doubts, you should contact the fabric manufacturer for consultations. To keep the original condition of the vertical blinds, you need to be careful and use the recommended cleaning instructions because failure to do so may lead to more harm than good.

The vertical design of the blinds makes them very dust-resistant. Their lack of horizontal surfaces where dust can gather makes them easy to maintain. You just simply dust them often and they will look clean and fresh. Sometimes vertical blinds vanes have dust adherence due to static elasticity. In this case, it is recommended that you use an antistatic rag while cleaning to avoid or reduce most static and hence lower future maintenance requirements.

PVC vanes are more washable and have therefore become more preferable to most homeowners. For cleaning purposes, they can be easily uninstalled from the vertical blind track and washed in your yard with a hose pipe or even in the bathtub. Make sure that the blinds are completely dry before you install them back to the track. Otherwise you will not like the visible water spots. As you uninstall and install the vanes be careful not to spoil track carriers as this may result into unnecessary repair costs.

For proper functioning of the blinds, all the components should be tested and occasionally maintained. Pull the chain to check how well the louvers are rotating and also the cord to make sure that the blind properly traverses. In case you find that the louvers fail to align well after rotation, just use higher pulling force to pull the chain to a certain point.

Use the given restoration advice and your vertical blinds will maintain their original state even after years of use.

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