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Embracing QUANTUM Technology Hardware

motorised blinds sydneyWith technology improving at an increasing rate everyday, there is no industry that has not undergone significant changes in the last couple of years, and that continues to do so. While blinds are not something people generally think of in the same vein as technological improvement. Many changes have occurred in the realm of blind hardware be it for roller, or motorised blinds. Sydney residents have always had a huge range of choices when it comes to technology, appliances and home decor. It’s just more readily available and the case is no different in regards to blinds. New Quantum hardware has made the old systems of blind hardware nearly obsolete and brought a revolution to blind technology everywhere. Let’s take a look at some of the features that make Quantum technology hardware so unique.

Universal Brackets

If you’ve ever struggled with incorrect brackets that do not fit the blinds you are attempting to install, you’re not alone. With new Quantum brackets, however, that has become a thing of the past. Each bracket is universal and will fit any of the associated blinds with no problem.

Ease of Installation

Because the brackets are universal, Quantum hardware is a breeze to install and use. Once the brackets have been placed, all that you need to do is snap on the chain mechanism and then insert each end of the blind. This means that changing out blinds does not require you to change the brackets. And that reversing the roll of the blind is as easy as turning the blind around.

Link Blinds

With the Quantum extension link you can now control blinds on separate windows with a single chain mechanism. Just drill a hole so as to allow the chain mechanism to connect via the Quantum extension link and voilà, the blinds are linked.

Integrated Leveling

Anyone who has ever struggled with attempting to level blinds knows how difficult it can be to guarantee bracket alignment. With Quantum’s integrated leveling system, that has become a thing of the past.  The brackets have a moving piece within them that allows for up to 14mm of horizontal adjustment up or down without having to move the brackets, making it a breeze to adjust the height of any blinds to match up with each other.


Quantum blinds takes away the headache that can be caused by mismeasuring the length between brackets. With its spring loaded end pieces, Quantum blinds allow for up to 14mm differences in length on either end, making it more than likely that any small measuring mistake will not require you to change the location of the brackets.

Clearly, Quantum hardware technology has changed the game when it comes to how blinds are installed and operate. Whether they are traditional rollers, or motorised blinds. Sydney is home to local blinds experts Complete Blinds, providing a great range of window dressings you won’t be disappointed.

Join the masses and embrace this revolution in blind technology. Whether you are an expert blind installer or a novice, Quantum hardware will make the process a relative breeze!

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