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window blinds and shades

The Difference Between Shades and Blinds

There are a lot of different choices when it comes to selecting blinds. How do you want to control the light that shines in through your window into your bedrooms or other living spaces? While most people are familiar with the terms window blinds and shades, many are not aware of the specific differences between the two. While it might seem incidental which form of window coverings you choose. There are definitive differences between them, and each brings their own unique qualities to play.

Window Shades     Vs.     Window Blinds

Let’s take a look at some of the specific differences between window blinds and shades.


The most apparent difference between window blinds and shades is the material that each is constructed from. Blinds are usually made from hard materials such as wood, plastic or composite materials. They are made into individual slats that are connected and controlled via a chord system. These can be either vertical or horizontal and are considered blinds as long as the material is hard. Shades, on the other hand, are typically made from soft materials, usually fabrics. Shades do not have individual slats and are usually made from a single piece of fabric that fits the window snugly. Although many shades have pockets of air inside them, forming a honeycomb type of shape.

Light Control

For the most part, blinds serve a fairly universal form of controlling the light that enters the room. With the angle of the slats being adjustable in order to allow either more or less light into a room. Whether the blinds are vertical or horizontal. Shades work differently, as they are generally not adjustable. They either serve to block out light completely or allow some light to be diffused through the window and into the room. Depending on the material the shades are made from, more or less light will be able to shine through.


The reasons people choose shades or blinds are generally an aesthetic preference. Although as we have seen each has somewhat different functions. While blinds allow for more variability and bring a different look into a space, many people enjoy the softness that shades bring to a room. Additionally, they can be used to block out light to a degree that is difficult to accomplish with shades. In the end, the choice you make will really depend on which style you prefer.

As we can see, the difference between window blinds and shades is not an arbitrary one. Each has their own specific style and function. To find out more about Window blinds and shades contact Complete blinds today With more than 25 years experience in the business they won’t disappoint!

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