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Choosing the Correct Sydney Awnings for your Home

How to Choose the Right Sydney Awnings

When hot summer days approach many begin to think about how to protect themselves from the sun. Awnings installed on the facades of buildings are quickly becoming everyone’s favourites. Besides the main function, which is protection from the sun, awnings protect against wind, rain and casual passersby. If you live in Sydney, awnings offer a great many benefits.

In Sydney awnings of various types can be found at your local blinds company. According to the purpose this type of protective construction is divided into:

  • Canopy Awnings are based on a frame attached to the front and have a tent shape of the dome. They could be easily fitted over the windows and entrances. Used for suburban private homes as well as for public institutions.
  • Clear PVC Awnings have a simple style and are very easy to operate. They let you cover both window openings and the area in front of the facade. Can be used at outdoor cafes, offices, and country houses.
  • Folding Arm Awnings. This type of construction includes a support and guide system, which by means of the mechanism allows them to be lowered or raised in a way the folding arms do. If you wish to cover a large area they can be installed in a row, one after the other. The joints can be closed with special caps. Used for large terraces and platforms.
  • Recovering Awnings with new fabrics make them able to maintain their properties and bright colours for over 10 years. It is resistant to UV rays, rot, water, and heat. The fabric has an anti-dust effect, which is especially important for the big city dwellers. You can choose colours to suit your tastes. This kind of design will fit the facade of almost any building. When the time comes and you will notice that the fabric of your awnings fades, it can be easily replaced at Complete Blinds.
  • Spring Loaded Awnings. The special spring mechanism is lightweight, which makes it very popular for the owners of terraces. In addition, it allows you to adjust the height of the awnings as you wish.
  • Straight Drop Awnings are used for shading window openings and balconies mainly. This design is very simple, but very effective.
  • System 2000 is a system that allows you to control your awnings without even walking up to them, wherever you find yourselves in the house by using the remote control you may either raise or lower your awnings just with the click of a button.

Awnings are so easy to use that they were virtually unchanged throughout their whole period of existence. There were many different materials and techniques invented, expanding the scope of their use, but the idea of a light aesthetically pleasing protection from the sun has survived several eras and revolutions. The harmonious arrangement of awnings creates a special atmosphere at your home. They create the necessary shade, but let enough light to pass through, so you could easily relax with a book in your hands under the scattered rays of the midday sun without using your sunglasses. Light rain won’t be an obstacle either, so you can happily stay outside, listening to the quiet rustling of drops against the waterproof fabric surface. And, if you like the weather, you can just raise up your awnings and enjoy the clear sky.

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