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What Features To Consider Before Choosing From A Shutters Sale?

Apart from their allure, shutters can also make an impact on the architectural qualities of your home, and you can easily adjust them whenever you want to control natural lighting and privacy. Decorative shutters tend to be cost-effective, easy to install and functional, while they will can enhance the interior décor by providing additional magnitude and personality to the façade of your home. However, before you head out to a shutters sale, make sure you consider the following features so you may end up choosing the best quality shutters. Here are a few things to look at before you go to that shutters sale:

Compatible Style

If your home has an Arts and Crafts-style, rustic, or traditional interior, then wood shutters will be more suitable. If your home includes contemporary décor, then you will be able to complement it much better with aluminium or vinyl shutters. You can even install shutters that will complement other window treatments, such as curtains or valances. If you have sheer curtains, then neutral shutters will not draw attention away from them, while dark draperies can be paired with chic and sleek aluminium shutters.

Child Safety

If you have little kids and/or pets, then shutters with pull cords may pose a strangulation threat. Fortunately, cordless shutters are available from most manufacturers, in which case the bottom bar of the shutter can be pulled or pushed to lower and raise it.

Durability & Quality

High-quality shutters are easily available these days. Along with dowel joints, they also feature finishes that are hand-sanded, hinges that are recessed and wood that is dried in a kiln. However, wood shutters can also warp. Faux-wood shutters are often more durable when they are made of composite or polymer materials.


Dusting narrow-slat horizontal shutters is usually not an easy task. For kitchens, it can be much easier to clean faux-wood or vinyl shutters. When it comes to vertical shutters, ones with removable vanes should be considered for easier cleaning. Often, a damp cloth can also be used to clean shutters.

Privacy Control

Shutters with thin slats that are covered with tape are often a better choice since the slats can be closed tightly to darken a room and get privacy.

Shutter Finish

For a decorative look, shutters should be matched to the flooring, mouldings, or window frame. Apparently, many people are fond of cream and white painted finishes, but you should also be able to choose from a myriad of other stain colours.

Shutter Height

When it comes to shutter heights, you can choose between café shutters that cover less than half of the window, half-shutters that cover half of the window and full shutters that cover the window entirely.

Window Size

When looking for a shutters sale, you should not be concerned if your window does not have a standard size. Shutters can be ordered in custom sizes. Window dimensions should be measured precisely, especially if you have an older home since the dimensions of the windows probably vary. Wall space can also be maximized if shutters are installed within the window casing or a couple of inches above the outside mount as a result of which the window will look larger. Unlike fabric window treatments, shutters offer a more solid option for many windows. Today, you should be able to find a wide range at a shutters sale, and considering the above will enable you to choose the right ones.

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