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Translucent blinds in earth tone design style kitchen and dinning space. Floral pattern fabric with strain-repelling coating. For sale in our Sydney showroom.

How To Maximise On Style With Roller Blinds

Window treatments can transform a room’s ambience, and when it comes to style, roller blinds stand out. Elegant yet functional, they effortlessly enhance any space with a touch of sophistication.

Roller Blinds, also called Holland blinds, continue to be a popular choice for many, and there are several compelling reasons why.

Variety of styles


Are you looking for a specific colour or fabric for your roller blinds? With a wide range of options available, from modern finishes to traditional styles, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your needs. Whether you prefer block-out or light-filtering, plain or patterned, roller blinds offer versatile choices to enhance the ambience of your home.

Modern contemporary aesthetic living room with large window doors installed with Roller Blinds.

Translucent blinds

Experience the modern allure of translucent blinds. Balancing privacy with ample natural light, they infuse elegance into any space with their minimalist design, ensuring a sleek, polished look.

Aesthetic and functional Luxaflex Roller Blinds in contemporary dinning space. Available in Blockout, Sunscreen and Translucent fabrics.

Add A Pelmet

To further enhance and draw attention to your beautiful blinds, why not add a pelmet?  Pelmets are a fantastic way to add that extra touch of style and decorative finish to your windows.  And, as well as complementing the aesthetics of the room, they also help provide better thermal insulation against both hot and cold.Blue and floral roller blinds for light and privacy control in study room. For sale at Complete Blinds Sydney.


Let’s face it: we all lead busy lives and we need our homes to be practical as well as beautiful. And roller blinds tick both of these boxes.  A simple-to-use chain-operated system makes it so easy to adjust the position of the blind, while the sleek yet beautiful design is easy to clean using a soft brush, cloth or sponge.  For even more convenience, Motorized Roller Blinds are a dream to operate, as well as add that extra level of sophistication and class to your windows.

Close up aesthetic shot of controller for Motorised Roller Blinds and fabric of the blinds.


Maximum style doesn’t have to blow your budget.  It’s no secret: window furnishings can be expensive, however, roller blinds are both a beautiful and affordable option.  Our high-quality

fixings and mechanics mean that you aren’t sacrificing on quality either, so it’s a win-win choice: fewer dollars spent + more style = happy you!

Whatever the size, shape or style of your windows, roller blinds are a beautiful and practical way to maximise style in your home.  Call us today on02 8824 7975  to talk to one of our team – we have the expertise and experience to help you create that look and feel your home needs.

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