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Smart Blinds

Automating Your Home with Blinds and Shutters

It’s easier than you think!

Blinds and shutters are an important part of your home, they block out light and temperature changes, as well as provide you with privacy. Many people don’t think of them though when they think of home automation. Surprisingly enough, they can play a major role in home automation and can be set up quick and simple.

You may have noticed at different times of the day the heat and temperature changes room by room as the sun moves across the sky. Automating your blinds and shutters can help you better regulate your home’s temperature, as well as save you money on both heating and air conditioning!

How may you ask?

Simply put, you automate your blinds and shutters. In winter, you can automate your blinds and shutters to close at dusk. This helps to block out the cold and reduce your heating bill. Having automated blinds in the window can reduce your heat loss through the windows by 10% or more depending on the outside temperatures.  In summer, the reverse works as well. Having your blinds set to remain closed during the hours that the summer sun is on them will help keep inside temperatures down and keep your air conditioning costs at a minimum. Once the sun has moved to another side of the home, they can then be set to open, or opened manually with a click of a button, while the ones on the now sunny side are set to be closed to block out the heat.

This can also be a nicer way to awaken then by the alarm clock. Having your blinds open progressively as the time you need to wake up approaches will help you wake up more naturally and without the loud jarring effect that the alarm clock can have on your system.

With a simple timer, or a click of the button you can have all your blinds and shutters doing exactly what you need them to do to provide you with incredible cost savings (that will very quickly recover any cost associated with the automation.)

Smart Technology

Some other automation systems even come with a phone app. This allows you complete control of your automation no matter where you are. That means you can also have the added security of being able to open and close your blinds, even when on holidays. This can make your home a less likely target for break and enters as it appears as though someone is home! Talk about an added benefit to making your life smoother.

If you are looking to automate your home completely, don’t forget your window coverings. It can make your life easy and more automated as well as save you on the cost of heating and cooling your home. When you are ready to get automate your blinds, let our team at Complete Blinds help you right from figuring out the best coverings for your windows, to the automation of it all. Stop by our store today and see how easy home automation can be.

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