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Window Shades

How To Choose Window Coverings For Your Home

Using window coverings, such as blinds, is a modern and practical way to infuse style, provide a view, privacy or fresh air inside your home. Additionally, they help keep unwanted things out such as insects and aid you control heat or light. Different textures, colours, materials and designs are offered in the market today. If you are a homeowner from Sydney, blinds are quite popular. Many manufacturers of blinds in Sydney provide custom made products at affordable prices.  But before purchasing, it is important to familiarize yourself first with different types of blinds and the purpose they serve.

Window Coverings For Your Kitchen

Kitchen accumulates dust and dirt quickly because of constant activities done here such as cooking, dishwashing, etc.  Filter out harsh sunlight using the versatile, timeless and classic venetian blinds. Venetian blinds are made of overlapping horizontal slats. Opt for one made of aluminium, vinyl or faux wood because these materials have smooth finishes that can be easily wiped or dusted. This keeps your kitchen clean.

Window Coverings for Your Living Room

Your relaxation and entertainment spot needs a fully functional and stylish window treatment which not only prevents unwanted heat or light but also creates an appealing statement for your visitors to appreciate. Invest on wooden Sydney blinds for a vintage vibe or consider vertical blinds made of sheer fabric for a sophisticated feel.  The latter is quite popular for camouflaging unattractive or less elegant furnishes. Roman blinds can also be installed. It is made of folded and cascading fabric which usually bears rich texture and pattern. This creates a highly decorative statement.

Window Coverings For Your Bedroom

For privacy and maximum light blocking for a good night sleep, purchase window coverings using block out fabric. This fabric is used in honeycomb blinds (best for heat insulation), roller blinds and roman blinds. Opt for wooden venetian blinds for a rustic feel, or aluminium/vinyl blinds for a modern vibe.

Window Coverings For Your Bathroom

Purchase blinds in Sydney made of faux wood or vinyl since they are resistant to humidity and splashes. Additionally, blinds with top down-bottom up feature also suit bathrooms well because they cover the window’s bottom half but don’t block your view on the upper part.

Window Coverings for Your Patio

Panel glide blinds stretch over large expanses such as sliding doors leading to your patio. The panels neatly glide sideways when the door is opened. These blinds in Sydney are popular because their overlapping panels also decrease light gaps, thus filtering excessive light entering your room.

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