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How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost?

How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost?

One of the most cost-effective and elegant ways to increase the light in your home is to have great looking plantation shutters installed. If this sounds like a nice idea but you don’t know what they look like, how they will fit into your existing style, or if you’re wondering how much plantation shutters cost, read on!

Plantation-style shutters are a great option in warmer climates as the louvre blades allow you to control airflow as well as privacy and light. They’re custom built and can be designed to fit all types of windows, arches, portholes and even rake windows. The difference between other window dressings and how much plantation shutters cost will often be offset by savings in cooling costs.

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Plantation shutters are becoming increasingly popular in both indoor and outdoor spaces. As a great alternative to blinds and curtains, plantation shutters come in a wide range of colours, styles and materials. While they may not be the cheapest window dressing, their longevity and cost-cutting aspects make them a very attractive option. There are a few things which impact plantation shutters price, including materials, design, window size and number of windows.

Interior spaces are all about light. In fact, real estate agents will often open all the blinds and curtains before showing someone through a home, to make it more appealing to the potential buyer. Such is the appeal of a beautifully lit interior! The louvre blades on plantation shutters allow you to not only control airflow and privacy, but natural light as well.

In the spirit of making your own home more appealing, if you’ve ever wanted more natural light in your home, plantation shutters may be a good option. Curtains seem to have been around forever, and plenty of homes still favour those heavy fabric curtains that often look like they belong in a B grade horror movie. Let’s face it, aside from the atheistic appeal of blinds and shutters, curtains are hard to clean and gather dust and mould if not properly maintained.

Many people believe that the benefits or having more natural light in their home far outweighs the plantation shutters cost.

What Impacts How Much Plantation Shutters Cost?

1. Materials

Here at Complete Blinds, we offer both synthetic and timber shutters. The material you choose will impact how much your plantation shutters cost.


We stock a wide range of premium quality plantation shutters, including Norman Shutters, Woodlore Shutters, Woodlore Plus Shutters, and Normandy Shutters. There’s no need to be concerned about the aesthetic qualities of our range of shutters, because we stock only the best. Here at Complete Blinds, we understand that a shutter must work well AND look good in the home, adding a premium look and feel to any space. The Complete Blinds range is a world away from the cheap plastic plantation shutters you might find on an auction site!


If you’d prefer a more classic look, then our Western Red Cedar Plantation Shutters might be the right fit for your home. Manufactured from quality Red Cedar wood, these shutters emphasise the natural beauty and grain of the cedar wood and really introduce a great warmth to any living space.

2. Design

Of course, the more detailed the design, the greater impact it’ll have on your plantation shutters price. Sliding and bifold shutters are generally more expensive than those on a standard timber frame. Plantation shutters can be divided into two or three panels, enabling them to be folded back into the window’s recess, revealing a fuller view from the window. Otherwise, a simple single panel option is a more cost-effective route. If your window is round or arched, or if there are specific requirements outside of standard windows, this may impact the price.

3. Window Size

The size of your window will influence your plantation shutters price, particularly if your windows are non-standard shape, as mentioned above.

4. Number of Windows

Your plantation shutters cost will vary, depending on how many shutters you purchase.

We think you’ll soon agree that plantation shutters are not only an extremely practical home investment but will also provide many years of durability.

How much your plantation shutters cost will vary, but we are certain you will find exactly what you need by browsing our amazing range of premium brands. For more information about Plantation Shutters, contact our team at Complete Blinds today or request a free in-house consultation.

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