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Shutters in Sydney

A Buying Guide for Shutters in Sydney

Shutters provide a stylish and chic alternative to curtains and blinds and are a cost-effective way of updating the feel and look of a room. Also, they are more hygienic because, unlike blinds and curtains, they simply wipe clean and do not absorb dust. Shutters offer Sydney homeowners a great deal of flexibility in the form of different colours, panel designs and slat sizes. One has more control over the amount of light entering a room, something that not possible with blinds. What’s more, Shutters can save residents some money given that they offer additional insulation. This is quite appealing in such cash strapped times. Below is a buying guide for shutters in Sydney.

Shutters in Sydney come in three types: solid, café style and plantation. Most homeowners prefer the plantation style as it has slats (louvers) that control light levels by rotating open and closed. Solid shutters are recommended for those wishing to create a more traditional appearance. They are designed in a way that they can be folded back during daylight and closed at night. Café styles shutters get the name from their popularity with cafes and restaurants. Normally, they cover just the lower half of a window. Solid shutters are often used for older-style properties, such as Victorian homes. They offer perfect privacy while keeping out more light. This type is recommended for rooms with minimal and simple décor and works especially well in country cottages in which during the day they appear quaint folded back. Solid shutters having a solid bottom half and movable slats on top are excellent for French doors. They provide a continental feel that will definitely remind the homeowner of a summer holiday.

In the case of plantation shutters, a Sydney homeowner can choose from a wide variety of colours, rods and designs. This means they are suitable for most spaces. There are certain instances whereby shutters are not suitable. A good example is in the case of windows and doors that open inwardly. The homeowner needs to ensure that once the shutters are fitted over them, they will still open. Should there be any doubts over the suitability of a certain type of shutter, it is advisable to seek advice from the manufacturers. Another important factor a Sydney homeowner should consider when buying shutters are the materials they are made of. Over the last few years, more residents of Sydney are realizing the merits of shutters. This, in turn, has resulted in the development of a larger number of materials used to manufacture them. While wood is still the most popular material, buyers can now choose from other materials like plastic and MDF. Despite MDF being cheaper, solid wood is stronger, more durable and more flexible. Elm and Yellow Poplar are among the most durable woods for making shutters in the market. According to tests, these are highly effective against shrinking and warping. The above guide should prove useful to any resident looking to buy shutters in Sydney. Considering the large number of window placements, choosing the ideal one can be difficult. With this guide, homeowners can go for the best shutters.

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