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Window Shutters

Shutters for Windows: A Buying Guide

Factors to Consider When Choosing Window Shutter Colour

Shutters for windows are an excellent way of changing the appearance of a home exterior without spending a lot of money on a remodelling project. Selecting a colour for a home’s exterior shutters depends on a number of factors. Going for the right colour may enhance the colour of a house. However, the wrong colour can end up annoying neighbours. Below are the factors to consider when choosing shutters for windows and their colours.

Choosing Shutters For Windows

Size and Impact

A homeowner should put the size of his or her windows into consideration when selecting a paint colour for the shutters. By going for a colour that matches the window trim, it is possible to make small windows seem larger. For instance, if there is white trim around a small window, the owner can paint the shutters white in order to expand the window size visually. Bold, vivid colours such as royal blue, lime green or lipstick red can create a wow factor for a home’s interior. On the other hand, going for a shutter colour that is a shade or two lighter or darker than the home colour can provide a basis for a more monochromatic and subtle colour scheme.

Colours of Neighbouring Houses

A homeowner should tour the neighbourhood and make note of the exterior colour schemes that other homes have used. It is advisable to go for colours that are consistent with neighbouring houses. This is particularly the case if he or she thinks that she may sell the home at a certain point. Bold or bright colours should be avoided, particularly if they make the house stand out from those around it.

Landscape and Style

The homeowner should try to attain a panoramic view of his/her home, including the architectural and landscaping features. Then, when choosing shutters for windows, colours of shrubs, flowering plants and other plants are put into consideration. The house’s exterior colour palette should seem cohesive, while also complementing its architectural style and design. Black and white shutters are known to enhance traditional styles, while border colours lean towards a more contemporary design. Going for a window shutter colour in disregard of the whole picture can make a home’s exterior colour palette seem visually fragmented and awkward.

The Home’s Exterior Style and Colours

Unless the homeowner is planning to change the home’s interior, he/she would want the shutter colours to match well with the existing siding, paint, brick or rock. It is important to evaluate the home exterior during different times of the day in order to find out the variation of colour in different light. For those with a poor colour memory, they can take pictures of the exterior from various angles and at different times of the day. The homeowner should also figure out whether the home’s appearance is more contemporary or traditional. Traditional style houses often look best if their shutters are painted classic black or white. Bolder shutter colours are ideal for the more modern houses, such as vibrant blue or bright red. By considering the above factors, a homeowner can make a window shutter colour statement. Choosing the right colour will cause neighbours to notice the excellent home décor.

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