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Plantation Shutters For Sliding Doors

Why Install Plantation Shutters For Sliding Glass Doors?

Finding shutters for sliding glass doors or any other type of sliding door is often a challenging task because of the large opening and the sliding functionality of the doors. Normandy plantation shutters are an ideal solution for dressing sliding doors. They tend to be both appealing and practical while combining durability with the stylishness of shutters.

Plantation Shutters over Sliding Glass DoorsPlantation Shutters over Sliding Glass Doors

If you choose to mount plantation shutters, they will prove to be a fashionably elegant and sophisticated addition to your home, while complimenting any modern and/or traditional door/window covering styles. Plantation shutter louvres are easily operated using rotating blades in varying sizes. Airflow, natural light and visibility can be controlled by closing or opening those louvres. Complete Blinds carry Normandy Plantation Shutters built using premium hardwoods from certified North American forests. We also also carry composite plantation shutters using synthetic materials which are designed to look like real wood. Plantation shutters are also resistant to cracking, fading and humidity.

For large sliding glass doors, bi-fold track Normandy plantation shutters can be used since they have hinges in the middle and can be folded like an accordion.

People often see a reduction in their energy bills due to the insulating design of plantation shutters which help block out hot sunlight and keep cool air inside. They can also provide a layer of protection to household furnishings from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Plantation shutters can also be personalised to fulfil the distinct needs of any home since they are often equipped with features like motorisation or a tilt rod.

Plantation Shutters over Sliding Glass Doors

What To Consider When Mounting Plantation Shutters Over Sliding Doors

Whenever measuring plantation shutters for sliding doors, the door handle should always be considered. Usually, lesser backspace is available if the door handle is protruding and this can make it difficult to open and close the louvres. For clearance, it becomes necessary to mount an extended frame. On the other hand, the handle of the sliding door can also be replaced with one that is inset. When backspace is being measured, the space between the flush face and the first obstruction, usually the door handle, should be measured. Different plantation shutters have varying backspace requirements however, an additional inch or two of backspace is required for bi-fold shutters that have an overhead track since they fold like an accordion.

How Are Plantation Shutters Mounted Over Sliding Glass Doors?

How Are Plantation Shutters Mounted Over Sliding Glass Doors?

After measurements of a sliding door have been taken, an easy-glide aluminium track is installed over the doors on the wall. The shutters are then mounted on that track overhead. The shutters function smoothly because of nylon wheels that serve as the carriers without jamming or skipping. As long as there is enough wall space, the shutters can be rolled off to both sides of the door in order to allow airflow, natural light and visibility. However, the installation of bi-fold plantation shutters tends to vary and they barely occupy any space since they are mounted parallel to the wall. In conclusion, regardless of the interior environment of a home, shutters for sliding doors always tend to look excellent, while they also make it possible to control the elements and privacy/visibility. Plantation shutters can be mounted over doors in bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms and offices.

Plantation Shutters over Sliding Glass Doors

Plantation Shutters over Sliding Glass Doors

Plantation Shutters over Sliding Glass Doors

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