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Bathroom Shutters – Choosing the Perfect Option

Bathroom Shutters – Choosing the Perfect Option

Things to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Shutters

Finding a covering for your bathroom window(s) can be a challenge. There are several factors to consider such as budget, type of covering, material to be used (fabric, wood, PVC?), colour, and so on. Obviously, you want something that will give you privacy, but it should look nice and should be easy to allow light in when you want / need it. There are several ways to cover a bathroom window without limiting the entry of natural light while maintain privacy when it is required. Bathroom shutters are generally the best solution. Let’s explore what options you have and why bathroom shutters are a good choice.

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Why Choose Shutters for the Bathroom?

A bathroom window is possibly the most difficult to dress in a home. There are limits to the colours that homeowners can use, as well as in shape and size. In addition, there are severe limitations in terms of the materials that can be used. Some of the materials used to make shutters for other windows in the house would perish in a bathroom’s harsh environment. Given the bathroom’s saturated atmosphere that contains a lot of moisture, shutter fabrics such as cotton, silk, velvet or wool would be ruined.

Plantation Shutters – Bathroom Window Coverings

Plantation window shutters in the bathroom are often the best choice for many reasons:

  • If built and fitted correctly by a professional installer, bathroom plantation shutters will cover 100% of the window. This allows for perfect privacy.
  • It’s very easy to let light into the bathroom by adjusting the angle of the bathroom shutter louvres.
  • You have control over how much light to let into the bathroom.
  • Plantation shutters for a bathroom can be made from water-resistant materials.
  • When water-resistant plantation shutters are used in the bathroom, they will last much longer than most other types of window coverings.
  • Plantation shutters are much easier to clean and maintain than blinds or fabric curtains.
  • You can choose nearly any colour you like.

Plantation Shutters for the Bathroom

The Advantages of Using Plantation Shutters in Your Bathroom

Installing bathroom shutters can provide a bathroom with ‘Old-World Charm’. Also, they make it possible for small amounts of natural light to get in, even when the window is closed.

Considering the moist environment in a bathroom, it is usually best for wood shutters to be avoided. Instead, you can go for vinyl or plastic products that are easy to maintain and clean. The best shutters for bathrooms are made using a material known as ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). This material is water resistant, making it ideal for not just for bathrooms, but also any damp or wet area in a house. Robust and hard wearing, these shutters are ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens, or any other room that is prone to huge amounts of water. They are ideal for use as indoor swimming pool shutters, conservatory shutters, Jacuzzi bath shutters and shower room shutters.

Perhaps the best feature of water-resistant shutters for bathrooms is that very little water is able to soak into them. This means that even when fully submerged in water, they will suffer little damage. The ability to withstand wet conditions means that no matter the amount of steam generated, your bathroom plantation shutters will not be significantly affected. It is easy to control privacy and ventilation in the bathroom with the shutters. You can open the bathroom window to let in fresh air and just wide enough to allow steam to escape. This can be done without the bathroom being exposed to the gaze of passers-by.

Installation of Plantation Shutters for the Bathroom

Most of the times, bathroom shutters work best with windows that are not flush to the surrounding walls. Depending on the window’s size you may have to order custom-built shutters. This is particularly the case if you live in an older home. Once you receive new shutters you can install them directly to the window’s frame. This can be done by securing a hanging strip that will give the frame sufficient thickness for the hinges. The hinges are then installed to the frame prior to attaching the shutters to the hinges. Installation can vary, something that will depend on the product.

Of course, we recommend having your blinds installed by a professional. Get in touch to find out how we can help you choose and install the best shutters for your bathroom.

Look Through Our Best Options for Bathroom Shutters:

Plantation Shutters

Woodlore Shutters

Woodlore® is a strong, long-lasting wood-composite product, consisting of a Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) core. They are extremely strong, durable shutters, even more hardy than those made of solid wood.



Plantation Shutters

Woodlore Plus

Woodlore Plus is a man-made product developed for use in the moisture zones of your house. It consists of a timber core, encased in a synthetic product called ABS. They are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

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