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Plantation Shutters on Double Hung Windows

Windows come in many shapes and sizes. One of these is double hung windows. Double hung windows have two louvres that can open and close separately, compared to single hung windows that have the top louvre fixed, and the bottom one operational. One thing to consider is how to provide privacy in a stylish way that suits your room design. Plantation Shutters on double hung windows are a great way to provide both.

Plantation shutters are made from slats or louvres of wood, metal or glass, and can vary in width depending on what you need. Plantation shutters can create a window that not only provides ample light but tastefully fits into the rest of the space.

There are many options when seeking plantation shutters for double hung windows and many of them will depend on not only the room they are going into but the look you are hoping for as well.

Plantation Shutters on Double Hung Windows

Here are 3 things to look for when selecting the perfect plantation shutter for your double hung window:

Choose the Right Material

As with any window treatment, there are a variety of materials that the shutters can be created with. A common choice is to install cedar plantation shutters. Others may opt for faux wood ones, as they may be less costly and a better fit for lower budgets.

Cedar Plantation Shutters on Double Hung Windows

a living room with white walls and wooden floors

Consider the Size of the Space

Another thing to think about is the size of the space. The slats or louvers come in different sizes. The smaller ones tend to work in any space, whereas the larger sizes are typically used in rooms of more substantial size, or with vaulted ceilings. This doesn’t mean you must adhere to this, just that it is how the majority determine what size looks best.

Is Privacy a Factor?

The amount of privacy is another important deciding factor. Some plantation shutters are what is known as double hung. This means that the top and bottom louvers can be open and closed independently of each other. This is the typical style chosen for bathrooms as it allows the bottom ones to be closed giving you your privacy while keeping the upper ones open to get the natural light. Another option to consider is the half shutter so that the top part of the window has no dressing to it at all. A catch to this though is that half shutters are of a comparable cost to full shutters.

Plantation Shutters - Double Hung Windows

What are the benefits of double hung windows?

Double hung windows are able to provide many benefits to you and your home. These include:

Wide Variety

Double hung windows are able to come in a variety of materials and colours to match your room design. The variety of timber and colours means it can be adaptable to any room you wish and to any size that would best suit your home.

Energy Efficient

Double hung windows are able to be double glazed which can reduce the amount of money that is spent on heating and cooling. It is able to provide great natural light into your space as well as providing as much ventilation as you need.


Double hung windows can provide a high level of safety as they don’t have any risk of opening up on anyone walking past. They are also able to be locked to provide an extra level of security to you and your home.

Our team at Complete Blinds have been providing excellent service to Sydney since 2004. Give us a call today on 02 8824 7975 or contact us today to see our cedar plantation shutters and find the perfect style for your perfect window.

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