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Plantation Shutters on Double-Hung Windows

Windows come in many shapes and sizes. One of these is double-hung windows. It is distinguished by two independently operable louvres, offering versatility compared to single-hung windows. When aiming to achieve both privacy and style, plantation shutters on double-hung windows prove to be an excellent solution for your room design.

Plantation shutters are made from slats or louvres of wood, metal or glass, and can vary in width depending on what you need. Plantation shutters can enhance your window, allowing abundant light while seamlessly complementing the room’s overall aesthetics.

When considering plantation shutters for double-hung windows, the available options depend on the room and desired aesthetics.

Cozy baby blue themed bedroom installed with white plantation shutters on double-hung windows.

Here are 3 things to look for when selecting the perfect plantation shutter for your double-hung window:

Choose the Right Material

When selecting window treatments, there’s a range of materials available for shutters. Some prefer cedar plantation shutters, while others may choose faux wood options for their cost-effectiveness, especially fitting for those with lower budgets.

White Plantation Shutters installed in a white classical-themed bathroom.

Plantation shutters that dampen noise, installed in a modern and eclectic cozy living room.

Consider the Size of the Space

Consider the size of your space when choosing slats or louvres. Smaller sizes work well in any area, while larger ones are often preferred for more spacious rooms or those with vaulted ceilings. While it’s not a strict rule, many find it helps determine the most suitable size for their windows.

Is Privacy a Factor?

Consider the level of privacy you desire when choosing plantation shutters. Double-hung shutters with independently operable top and bottom louvres offer versatility, making them suitable for bathrooms. Alternatively, you may opt for half shutters for a unique look, although they come with a similar cost to full shutters.

Room installed with plantation shutters- offering privacy and light control.

What are the benefits of double-hung windows?

Double-hung windows can provide many benefits to you and your home. These include:

Wide Variety

Double-hung windows can come in a variety of materials and colours to match your room design. The variety of timber and colours means it can be adaptable to any room you wish and to any size that would best suit your home.

Energy Efficient

Double-hung windows are able to be double glazed which can reduce the amount of money that is spent on heating and cooling. It can provide great natural light into your space as well as sufficient ventilation.


Double-hung windows can provide a high level of safety as they don’t have any risk of opening up on anyone walking past. They are also able to be locked to provide an extra level of security to you and your home.

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