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What is the Environmental Impact of Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters look beautiful and can give a space a look of elegance and beauty. They are a lovely way to treat your windows, but because they are made of wood, many people may question whether or not they are the right choice for the environment and if they are created utilising sustainable wood practices.

Environmental Benefits of Wooden Shutters

Surprising as it may seem to many, wooden shutters can be very environmentally friendly. To begin with, they insulate your windows. The majority of heat loss in a home is all too often a result of heat leaving through older windows, or ones that just aren’t as energy conscious as newer models. This means that instead of losing however much heat through the windows, the shutters help to offset that and keep your home warmer. Wooden shutters such as woodlore and woodbury shutters are great examples of a sturdy wooden shutter that is great for every window in the home.

The same environmental factors can be said about keeping your home cooler. Since the shutters block out heat during hot days, they help to keep your home cool, which means you may not have to utilise the a/c or other methods of cooling that can increase your electrical usage, and your carbon footprint.

Choose recycled wood

Different materials will also make a difference on the environmental impact that your wooden shutters have. Plastic or metal shutters and blinds may seem like a good choice, till you take into consideration the energy and other issues that arise from their creation. Strip mines and plastic debris has a huge impact on the environment, whereas, you can always get wooden shutters that are made of recycled wood, making them an environmentally friendly alternative. Some can even be made of cork, or bamboo, which can be rapidly grown and are renewable resources that have less of a negative environmental impact.

Some may think wooden shutters are just wooden shutters and nothing makes them different from one set to the other, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Look for ones that are created and made by companies that utilise environmental stewardship and ensure you are making the best choice possible for your home and your world at large. Also, consider what they do with their waste products. This can be quite surprising and eye opening as to the real impact.

Buy Local

Buy shutters that are sourced locally. The closer to the source you are, regardless of the type you go with, will help to make them more environmentally friendly. By reducing the carbon footprint that was created not only in the manufacture of the shutter but in the distance it travelled from creation to your home.

There are plenty of different factors to consider when looking at environmental factors and impact of any product you purchase. Being educated is the best way to make the best choices possible.

When you are ready to decide which wooden shutters are the best choice for you, reach out to our team at Complete Blinds, with years of experience and expertise, we can find you the shutters that are just right for you in terms of environmental impact, the look you are wanting, and your budget.

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